National emergency

Introduction National emergency has been mentioned in the constitution of India under 352 Article[1], National emergency is sanctioned if there … More

Type of Emergencies

Introduction “Any steps taken by the government of the country to safeguard the citizen of the country from any threat … More

Inter- state trade and commerce

INTER STATE TRADE AND COMMERCE Introduction Significance of Inter-State Trade and Commerce: An “thruway business” is any trade, business, transportation, … More

Zonal councils

ZONAL COUNCIL The principal Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru, proposed making Zonal Councils in 1956 when he … More

Inter State Water Disputes

Introduction From the time of independence some states are having disputes for the water rivers . These issues or disputes … More

Inter State Councils

Introduction A country can only improve or develop if the state govt and union work together and properly with disturbing … More

Inter state relation

The term Inter-State relations allude to the connection among various States of the Union. The collaboration and genial connection among … More