Setting up mutual funds

Introduction How to register as a mutual fundSEBI guides the applicant step by step after receiving the application for registration as a mutual fund. Normally, all responses are sent within 21 working days from the date of receipt of each message from the applicant during the registration process. So the total registration time depends on... Continue Reading →

Subject matter of Transfer of Property Act

The Transfer of Property Act is a general law related to the transfer of property. Generally deals only with real estate. Objectives The basic objective of this law is to formulate rules, regulations and procedures for the transfer of property. Scheme of law A transfer can take effect in 2 different ways 1. Transfer by... Continue Reading →

Who can transfer a property

IntroductionTransfer means the transformation of an object from one person to another. An asset can be defined as any tangible or intangible business owned by an individual or group of people. Property may be transferred from one person to another by transfering rights, or interest, or ownership, or possession of property to the satisfaction of... Continue Reading →

Offer Document- Mutual fund

Joint investments are undoubtedly the most sought after investment vehicles due to their ability to generate attractive profits that help investors create wealth. Distributors or agents or brokers of mutual funds take advantage of this opportunity and convince budding investors to invest in joint ventures. However, in the pursuit of wealth, many investors tend to... Continue Reading →

Accounting, Valuation and Taxation of Mutual fund in lndia

Mutual Funds Accounting Joint accounting is a critical issue in the financial system, given the growing popularity of joint ventures in addition to the direct holding of securities such as shares and bonds by the investment community. In particular, many, if not most, individual investors and trading clients have the majority of their savings in... Continue Reading →

Advantages of investment in Mutual funds

Any Investment plan has its advantages, whether short-term or long-term. Investors often look forward to investing in Mutual Funds as a result of risk management. Needless to say, however, this investment also comes with some disadvantages. This article discusses the benefits and benefits of mutual funds. What is Mutual Fund? The Mutual Fund program is... Continue Reading →

Asset Management Company (AMC)

IntroductionAn asset management company (AMC) is a firm that invests a joint fund on behalf of its customers. Capital is used to fund separate investments in various asset classes. Property management companies are often referred to as financial managers or financial management firms.Different Types of Asset Management CompaniesAsset management companies come in many different forms... Continue Reading →

The Role Of Financial Markets

Financial markets play an important role in the economy. They enable individuals to find a better balance between current and future use. For example, entrepreneurs with good investment projects may need funding while people who want to provide for retirement may look for ways to invest gratefully. Financial markets bring borrowers to contact lenders and... Continue Reading →

Legal and Regulatory Framework of Mutual Fund in India

Introduction Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) The export and trading of capital market tools and the regulation of major market mediators are under SEBI. SEBI is the chief financial officer in India. SEBI developed the SEBI (Mutual Funds) Regulations, 1996, which provide comprehensive corporate financial management in India. It is mandatory that shared... Continue Reading →

Concept OF Trustee

Concept of trustee Introduction Trust in legal point of view • Trustee – The person who creates the Trust. • Trustee – A person who accepts the responsibilities of the Trust. • Beneficiary – The person / persons of the beneficiary of the Trust. Who is a trustee Duties and liabilitiesThe Indian Trusts Act, 1882... Continue Reading →

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