Why Moms should have their own Investments ?

To be honest, life today is very unpredictable.

When I was younger, my Paternal Grandma used to say that women must always have their own source of Income, because that makes you Independent and gives you the capability to take decision on your own. Life, death, divorce, illness are some unpredictable events in life, which may require lots of money Earlier, we lived in Joint Families and therefore, specific work was delegated to certain individuals, but today, we live in a nuclear set up, i.e. technically the work done by 10 people then are supposed to be done by one person.

Women need to have a steady source of income, in which case they can take care of their day to day expenses for themselves and also for their families and also have a good amount of investment for a rainy day. Source of Income will help you sail through your day to day needs, but a good investment, will always help your money earn for you. So tomorrow, if your child wants to join a particular course after their school or you want to buy that Microwave oven for your house or you want to help your spouse in closing the Loan amount sooner, you will be requiring an additional source of Savings amounts.

Money just kept safely in your cupboard will remain safe no doubt, but like a peacock feather kept in your notebook, it will not multiply. Mutual Funds are one such options for Moms, which can provide you with good amounts of return.

I personally have a few mutual fund investment, which was market linked then and was investing in them through regular SIP, because it was an SIP, it did not cause much burden on me also. Ofcourse, Mutual Funds, are a small risk and that is why we have professionals to help you with the same. As I always say, never sign on a document without reading it. So once you educate yourself, you can always go ahead and invest for yourself and take care of your own needs for yourself and your family.

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