Be Unapologetic – #BlogchatterA2Zchallenge2023

If there is something that I learnt in the later stages of my life, that is how to live my life unapologetically. I wish I had learnt this art or rather life skill earlier. Most of the time, I was always apologetic because I fulfilled my small wishes.

There was a time in my life, when I felt that I had to apologise to everyone because I did something that I loved doing. Guilt was a feeling that had dominated my mind, after I became a mother, the feeling of guilt just increased. Any action or any decision that I took, always made me feel guilty, If I went out for more than 5 mins leaving my child home with family, I felt guilty. It was almost impossible for me to live the unapologetic life.

It is probably the way the society trains us, that if we do something for ourselves, then we need to apologise to everyone in the Universe. It took me ages to understand a simple fact, that all people do is make you feel guilty and then move on. Interestingly, they expect you also to move on, after making you feel bad even for existing.

I had stopped doing something that I loved the most, i.e. writing only because I was scared people would shout at me saying that I was wasting too much time on social media. What I could not explain them then was, that I was just trying to create content. In this constant fear of being judged, I lost a lot of time and opportunities. I pushed my own progress by 5 years atleast. It took me years of courage to restart content writing again from ground zero.

Sometimes, I wish, I had just ignored the people around me, then I would have been a better performer. All it needs is a little bit of courage to ignore to the world and lead your life in an unapologetic mode.

Here is how I started living an unapologetic life.

For a few days, I started avoiding Social Media. Most of the times, it was because I used to be overwhelmed seeing everyone else doing well. That I always felt the need to apologises to everyone.

Once I took a break from the Social Media, I could really focus on what I wanted and what I could do. Sometimes, keeping a distance from the Social Media really helps. It gives you time to introspect and work on really what I want.

Focusing on myself, helped me become more determined to achieve my goals. Once the main point of focus was my goals, I was least affected with what people around me thi

This post is a part of the #BlogchatterA2Z 2023 challenge.

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