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No matter, where you stay, you can always identify a Middle Class home from a distance. As mentioned in my previous post, we Middle Class Indians are the original inventors of Sustainability and Recycling. We never let anything go waste. We always ensure, that every object that we purchase, is either passed on to the next generation or reused for different purposes till it breaks down completely.

Plastic Bags

One common Factor of all Middle Class homes is Plastic Covers.

We have an undying love for plastic bags and Plastic Covers. The remote of our homes, the Dining Table and the New Sofa will be covered for maximum amount to time in Plastic Covers. The idea is dust will spoil the new object. We also love collecting Plastic Bags. There are different sections of Plastic Bags, for example – We keep the plastic bags, meant to be used for daily purpose, plastic bags meant to be used for special occasions like visiting certain rich relatives and certain plastic bags only to carry documents, because folders are unnecessary waste of money.

Godrej Cupboard

The rich keep their shoes in special rooms and cabinets, but we keep our “Good Shoes” wrapped in a plastic bag, in the original shoe box, inside our Godrej Cupboards or below them.

Steel Cupboards are something that is a must in every middle Class House. Trust me we have 3 of them at my in-laws place and 1 at my maika. For every Middle Class Parents, they trust the Godrej Cupboard more than any safety system in the world.

Recycled Clothes

The life cycle of clothes in a middle class household is as follows:

Function/ Party wear clothes – which are worn exclusively when we go out for yearly functions.

Outside Clothes – Once these dresses tend to become tight or short, we can use them during our visits to the local shopping centers or when guest come to visit us home.

Home Clothes – Once the clothes are old enough or have been worn sufficient number of times, they then become your house clothes, which are worn at home.

Holi Clothes – Holi is a festival, which is meant to be a festival of colours, wherein we can all get drenched in colourful water. One set of old clothes are permenantly kept for the same.

Poocha – Door Mat – Every Middle CLasss house has one good set of door mats, which are exclusively used only when we have guest visiting us. Otherwise, we only use old T-shirts as door mats. We never purchase any fancy mops or any cleaning gadgets. We just create it from all our old clothes.

Hand me Down Clothes – A middle class family always purchases clothes, which are a size bigger, so that children can wear it even in the next year. Generally we always ensure to purchase the best ones, so that the same can also be used by the younger siblings

Repurposed products

The moment any new product arrives in our house, we always look for ways in which we can repurpose the same. May it be a cardboard box, a glass bottle of jam, or a simple cold drink bottle. WE never purchase the bottles for our refrigerator, it is always an old cold drink bottle that we generally use.

We are the original inventors of sustainability.

The main hall unit.

Every Middle Class house has a main Wall Unit in the living room, which generally has one shelf, wherein the father of the house, generally stores all the important documents, one shelf, wherein the mother of the house stores all the utensils. One shelf is to keep the daily books of the children, school bags, because it is easier to access. In the rest of the shelves are those expensive showpieces, which we generally receive as gifts for festivals. We always ensure to keep photo frames of our Late Grandparents or a Full Family Photograph in the wall unit. Things kept in the wall unit are actually never meant to be touched or used, it is majorly only for display.

Do let me know, what else are the other common factors found in a middle class house.

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  1. Ah, pure nostalgia, grew up in a middle-class home, and recycling and jugaad have been my life-long mantra till now. I think you have pretty much covered it all 🙂


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