Summer activities that take me back to my childhood

Before you begin reading this, let me introduce myself. I am a happy 90’s kid, who simply refuses to grow up. Every now and then i.e. atleast 25 times, in a day, I miss my childhood and wonder how simple my life was then. Today even though everything is technologically advanced, life was beautiful when technology was absent.

With the school vacations about to start in a few months, I am looking forward to keep my kids engaged. Even though I try to give them the same childhood that I had, it is much difficult. Hereunder are a few summer activities that take me back to my childhood.

Endless Hours of Playing

Summer Vacations mean endless hours of playing, no restriction on the time you come home or the time to go out to play. I encourage my children to play more outside, because then they automatically tend to loose their interest in screentime. When I was a child, we used to go out to play in the morning and also in the evening. Enjoying the every minute of the vacation, completing the vacation home work together with friends. Today I call my son’s friends home in the afternoon so that they can sit and play indoor games.

The unending chats

When we grew up during the 90s, telephone was a luxury, very limited houses had telephone connection, forget mobile phones. Today we have intercom in our buildings, which is equivalent to the landline phones. The kids these days, have a fixed timing to talk to their friends, when we adults are not allowed to be the same room. I love to see, when the kids, call each other from the intercom and ask them to come near the window because they urgently need to show them something or talk to them. Somehow during the summer vacations, we all would find endless amount of topics to discuss, even though we all spent atleast 14 hours in a day together.

Playing Board games/ card games in the afternoon

We never went to any summer camps, we never even heard about them. We learnt all the sports in our Vacation from our elder friends. From being the kaccha limbu to fighting for our turn, we learnt the biggest lessons of our life then. Even though today you can digitally play these games, the fun of playing with proper uno cards or proper ludo board cannot be replaced.

Fridge ka thanda paani

I know this is not an activity per se. But in my house earlier, we kept water bottles in the fridge only during summer season. A special packet of Rasna or Tang was purchased, which was supposed to last for 2 entire months. We used mix the same in water and then freeze it, that was our ice cream then. Today my kids do the same, apart from the freezing part, because why educate them about something that they are supposed to discover themselves.

Vacation Food

Beginning of the Vacation means endless hours of munching, these days, we make a trip to the Department store at the beginning of holidays. During our times, we used to share home made dry snacks and would often look forward to eat more from our neighbours homes. Today, I do make chocolates sometimes with my children, or we make fireless snack together, but then somehow the taste of eating the summer snacks with friends in our building terrace is different. For us, it was a potluck party almost every other day. The elder kids, would pluck the mangoes and the younger ones were in charge of sourcing, salt, sugar and red chilli powder and plates. The tangy taste of the mango still makes my mouth water.

When I was a kid, we used to spend more than a month of our Summer Vacation in our hometown in Kerela. I grew up with my elder and younger cousins. We did not require mobile phones to keep ourselves engaged then, 2 sets of badminton and unlimited supply of Mangoes were sufficient to keep us busy. Post marriage I have been there only a couple of times, just last year we were there only for a week, it was more of a paid package holiday trip because we barely met our cousins for more than 2-4 hours, but the bond was still strong. The children whom, I had carried in my arms, were now taller than me and carried my kids. That is one thing I really miss, the most and feel helpless, that I cannot give the same to my children.

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