Why every person needs their Tribe ?

Friends make everything better.

Crazy friends ensure to make everything the best for you.

It has been ages since I sat down to pen something.

Probably, it is because since the last 6 months, I was not doing justice to myself by not writing about myself or my thoughts. That was the whole idea about starting the website and starting to blog. Finally, I have seggregated the content and have started to make this website as only about I, me and myself. So, now that I have cleared some space for myself to write about it, let me start with today’s topic.

Why every person needs their Tribe ?

On Saturday, I had been to the Blogchatter Birthday Celebrations, not your traditional birthday celebrations, where cakes, were cut and Samosas and Cold Drinks were offered, but a different birthday celebration, wherein refreshments were served in the form of fresh ideas and encouragement. The writer’s block that I had been facing for months, somehow managed to vanish after that meet up. Somehow the meet up was magical.

No matter how much we introverts deny that people do not affect us and I do not care what others think, somewhere deep down, it happens that our company matters. There are some people in the world, who can manage to kill every single creative cell that you have in your body, there are some people, who will help you identify skill sets that you yourself did not know about. [

A Tribe is a place, wherein you are surrounded with like minded people. who share a common hobby, a favourite activity, or your thoughts just happen to match each other. One of the reasons, why I loved the bloggers meet during the older days, were because we could actually share our ideas and blogs used to be more about us. Trust me post Covid, everything is become commercial. Once brands decided to exploit the creative space to sell their products, the quality content has gone for a toss. Yes, we bloggers also need money to run the show and brand collaborations do help us, but then somewhere down the line, I do miss those sincere bloggers, who’s content I used to enjoy reading.

Coming back to the story of my tribe, My tribe is the Tribe of Bloggers, Brand events introduced us to each other, wherein, finally we could relate to the names and faces. Slowly these meets turned into life long friendships for a few of us.

Having your own tribe, helps you to lead a judgment free life. You can always be who you are with them. You can openly follow your passion and get more tips to enjoy your hobby or activity.

Having a tribe makes you independent, I am not talking about Bollywood’s definition of Independence, but it somehow helps you in making your mind more clear, makes you independent enough to take smaller decisions in your life. Trust me, it is not the bigger decisions that affect your mental health, most of the times, it is the smallest decisions, which impact your life the most.

So meeting my tribe, over the weekend has left me all charged up and energised. Would love to know more about your weekend and if you do have any tribe of your own.

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