Student’s Corner

Student’s Corner is a column, wherein we give opportunities to students to speak their heart out. If you are interested in participating in the same, do check out the details in the end.

Our first Participant is Ms. Krasti Singh Chauhan, a fourth year BA LLB (Hons) Student from ICFAI Law School, The ICFAI University Dehradun.

What are the challenges faced by you as a college student ?

The primary challenge that I face as a college student is to find out the direction in which I should channelize my energy. Be that finding the suitable internship positions or preparing for national level events. I always felt standing in dark whenever I had to prepare for a big event for instance my first moot court competition. I didn’t even know by then that what exactly a moot court demands out of an individual. We weren’t taught the application of laws but just plain sections and writing them in exams was enough. Ofcourse, I agree that these things we learn from experience. But I still believe that if I could have had a better guidance as to how to argue and put my points infront of the panel rather than just reading out the Paras, I could have made a better impression in my first attempt itself.

Secondly, another challenge was to socialize with people especially seniors. The culture of seniority begins mainly from college life and i believe it wasn’t quite healthy in our college. Yes, there were hard steps from the side of college authority to restrict raggings, yet the formal intros by seniors felt degrading rather than supportive. I think there must be an attempt to make a person not only a good student but also a good senior, a positive junior, and an understanding boss right from the college days. Looks small but it will leave a big impact especially in the corporate World.

What are the things that you wish to change in our education system ?

Well, apart from conventional opinions that say we must focus on the practical aspect more than the theoretical one to which I do agree strongly, one very important change that I want must be brought in our education system is eliminating the rule of 75% attendance.

I will explain,
Most of the students who enroll in college are either 18 or are soon to be turning to 18. Our Law deems to treat an 18 year old as an Adult. So my point is that why force an 18 year old to sit into a class, that he is least interested to attend just for the sake of attendance.
I mean post school life, an individual becomes mature enough of understanding the consequences of not having a strong career base. So let them take their own decisions. Let them decide what and how do they want to take things in life. If he or she is serious towards his studies, no wonder can anybody stop him or her from attending the classes. But if he or she is not, then why make blank faces stare at blackboard waiting for the roll call to begin soon.
Treat adults as adults. Discipline is a very personal trait, it doesn’t comes with imposing compulsions. I understand that this thing is difficult to be imposed in Indian scenario where the awareness towards education was very less and the ultimate goal was to get a job. But times are changing now, let’s not hold back our budding minds.
75% is a true burden on students even on them who are genuinely looking to make a strong career base. I myself have to let go numerous big opportunities just because i could not manage them along with classes.
I know this opinion carries the potential to attract numerous counter opinions and I will be happy to address them.

If there was one thing that you could tell your family or friends, that would be

I would rather tell my family that hostel Life has brought a drastic change in my personality. Being under mother’s shadow during school, where only she was always worried to wake me up on time, never let me skip my breakfast and infinite special things, I didn’t know my true personality, my weaknesses, my strength.

Through hostel Life I got to know that I can’t wake up without snoozing the alarm thrice atleast, I like my surroundings clean and organized, i like my clothes to stay stainless, i am great at bargaining and i can’t spend a single penny without thinking twice. This all came from my family teachings but I got to know about this aspect of myself through my college life only.

To my friends, we all are on the same journey with different timings. All my friends are working very hard to achieve their dreams and I am super proud of them. Friends not only motivate you but also teach you how to live all the aspects of life with your fullest present. Through my friends only I got to know the bad aspects of my personality and each one of them are helping me to work on them knowingly and unknowingly.
Message to my friends- We will definitely make our dreams come true one day just keep working hard. But don’t forget to laugh in between.

An advice you would like to give your younger self

You shouldn’t have worried so much. (Ye career bas 30-35 saal tak ki kahani hai.) After that, the true meaning of life is to do a low paying but healthy job. To have less medals but better mental health. To not avoid socializing just for the sake of career. People are tough to handle but they are the ones who take us to the graveyard and no we can’t rely on robots to share our emotions. We need people to become happy for us when we achieve what we want in our career. So no career is not only everything and thus socialization is an utterly important quality of an individual’s personality.

Dear my younger self, you made the right decisions, universe was and is still with me. There’s so much more in life other than marks, so it’s okay if you scored less in your boards- you will gift your the then Angry (2018) father, a brand new phone four years later (present 2022) out of your own savings earned from freelancing projects and he is super proud of you for not agreeing with him to take engineering as a career. Because now he doesn’t need to tell you to study or to work hard. You do it out of passion.
And your present version is working very hard to fulfill your dream of building a home 🏘️ and will definitely succeed one day.

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