Reasons why your CV may be ignored

Some of the common reasons why according to students, they are unemployed are because:

  1. They completed their graduation from a not-so-renowned college;
  2. The Job market is bad;
  3. Everyone wants people only with experience;
  4. You can get placed in Tier 1 Law Firm only if you are from an NLU or a 2nd Generation Lawyer.

One of the biggest challenges that a lot of students technically face is because of too much reliance on Social Media. Information on Social Media is meant to be consumed with a pinch of salt.

  • Not everyone from an NLU earns in lakhs and crores, some of them are also unemployed and fighting depression and stress just like you.
  • Not every second-generation lawyer is successful. Maybe he is unable to carry the over expectations of his family members and clients on his shoulder and deliver his best.
  • Not every senior that you work for is bad.
  • Your college defines you or your city defines you. No the way you carry yourself only defines you.

A few of the major reasons why a lot of students are technically unable to find good placement is because of various reasons. Sharing a few here based on the number of interns that I have worked with and the number of people that I have hired and gotten placed.

If a law student, has secured admission to a Law School, that means he has completed his or her basic schooling. Skill sets such as Letter Writing, Comprehension, and Essay writing at taught at the school level from Class 6 onwards. Irrespective of the school that you have gone to i.e. either English Medium or Vernacular Medium, these are a few skill sets which I am sure you must have learned.

No Cover Letter

Most of the CVs that I resume does not have a Cover Letter. If you need a job the least effort that you can do is to address, your email to the correct person and mention what you are attaching. You do not need fancy or Flowery English to write the Covering letter. Even if you use the basic letter writing that you learned during your school days, it will pass the message.

No Proper File Name

A lot of times, the resume that we receive have the file name as Resume or Resume 123 or any random name. If possible try and mention your name as the Document Title.

Addressing the person wrongly

The pre-Internet days are long gone. Today every single detail of any company is available on the Internet. If you can go to 10 websites to compare prices of Footwear before ordering it online you can definitely find the basic gender of the person you are sending an email. Sending emails addressed as Dear Sir/Ma’am, are so outdated. A lot of resumes are rejected because they just copy-paste the same standard format. Today, you can easily find out the details of the hiring manager online, if as a law student applying for a job for research and you are unable to find details of the hiring manager then, chances are that you lack the basic skill set of research.

Not working on yourself

A lot of law students tend to follow the trend blindly, instead of focusing on their own skill sets and strengths. They are more into collecting negativity around them and getting overwhelmed by the steps taken by others. Work on your language development, read good books, go out network and meet new people.

Basic Grammatical Errors

We understand that you are too cool, but the people recruiting you are still old school and expect you to write in complete sentence. If you use an Exclamation mark or Question Mark at the end of every sentence it can either mean two things

a. You do not know basic english grammar

b. You are rude and disrespectful

c. If we get only question marks in reply, it just means you are plain lazy.

So if you do not want the recruiters to have these prejudices against you, you have to ensure that you atleast write complete sentences.

These are a few tips that I can give to young law students. I will be uploading more articles in this series.

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