Provision for Maharashtra , Gujarat, Assam, Nagaland and Manipur


Part XXI in the Indian constituion is a social occasion of guidelines connecting with the Indian constituion as a nation and the relationship of states that it is made of. This piece of the constitution contains Articles on Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions. Part XXI of the Constitution[1] manages the unique arrangements for specific states. There are a couple of states that have been assigned as exceptional classifications. The idea of Special Category Status arose in 1969 when the Gadgil equation was endorsed. A states require explicit treatment because of their non-consistency, inconsistent turn of events, ancestral regions, backwardness, and individuals’ goals to accomplish uniform development, correspondence, and advance comprehensive turn of events.

One of a kind Provision For Some States – Constitutional Provisions

Article 371 to 371-J somewhat XXI of the Constitution deal with the uncommon plans for explicit states viz., Maharashtra, Gujarat, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram, Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Goa and Karnataka.

These one of a kind game plans were not at first given in the Constitution. In any case, were merged by the various revisions made with respect to the patching up of the States or Union Territories. The purpose for them is to meet the objective of people of in switch locale of the states or to shield the social and financial interests of the familial people of the states or to deal with the agitated rule of harmony and regulation condition in specific bits of the states or to defend the interests of the close by people of the states.

Novel Provision For Maharashtra And Gujarat

Under Article 371[2], the President of India is supported to give that the Governor of Maharashtra and of Gujarat would have special commitment in regards to:

The groundwork of confined improvement sheets for Vidarbha, Marathwada[3] and the rest of Maharashtra, Saurashtra, Kutch and the rest of Gujarat with the game plan that a report on the working of these sheets will be set reliably before the State Legislative Assembly;

The fair assignment of resources for developmental utilization over the said locales, subject to the requirements of the State overall; and

A fair arrangement  giving adequate workplaces to particular tutoring and proficient readiness, and good work open entryways in the state organizations in respect of the general huge number of said districts. At first, the constitution made no exceptional game plans for these states. They have been solidified by the different coming about modifications made with respect to revamp of the states or conferment of statehood on the Union Territories.

Plans for Nagaland

Article 371-A makes the going with excellent plans for Nagaland:

1. The Acts of Parliament associating with the going with issues wouldn’t have any critical bearing to Nagaland aside from in the event that the State Legislature Assembly so decides[4]:

Severe or social demonstrations of the Naga

Naga standard guideline and procedure

Association of normal and policing decisions according to Naga standard guideline

Ownership and move of land and its resource.

2, The Governor of Nagaland[5] will have unprecedented commitment in regards to law and order in the state seeing that internal irritation achieved by the compromising Nagas continue. In the arrival of this commitment, the Governor, ensuing to directing the Council of Ministers rehearses individual judgment and the decisions are definitive. This phenomenal commitment of the Governor will stop when the President facilitates.

3. The Governor needs to ensure that the money gave by the Central Government to a specific inspiration is associated with the premium for an honor interfacing with that explanation and not in some other premium moved in the State Legislature Assembly.

4. A nearby board including 35 people should be spread out for the Tuensang district of the state. The Governor should make rules for the production of the board, approach to picking its people, their abilities, term, remunerations and rewards, the method and lead of the associations of the advisory group and their organization conditions and some other matter interfacing with the constitutions and proper working of the chamber.

5. For a period of 10 years from the improvement of Nagaland or for such further period as the Governor would demonstrate on the proposition of the regional board, the going with plans would be employable for the Tuensang district:

The association of the Tuensang district will be finished by the Governor, The Governor will in his wariness set up for unprejudiced movement of money given by the Center between Tuensang region and the rest of Nagland.

Any Act of the Nagaland Legislature won’t have an effect on Tuensang region with the exception of in the event that the Governor so organizes at the proposition of the regional board. The Governor can start from scratch, progress and extraordinary lawmaking body of the Tuensang locale. Any such Regulations could cancel or change an Act of Parliament or some other guideline relevant to that district.

There will be a Minister for Tuensang endeavors in the State Council of Ministers. He is to be named from among the people tending to Tuensang area in the Nagaland Legislative Assembly. An extreme end on all matters interfacing with Tuensang locale will be made by the Governor in his debasement.

Outstanding course of action for the State of Manipur[6]

“According to Article 371 C; notwithstanding anything in the Constitution, the President may by an order in respect of the State of Manipur, make provisions for constituting and functioning of a Legislative Committee which shall consist of the Assembly members belonging from the hilly regions”.

The Governor will consistently or dependent upon the Presidential need, make a report to the President regarding the association of the inclining areas of the State, and the main power of the Central Government will contact planning the State on the association of those districts.

Here “Slant regions” suggest those locale which are to be articulated as such in the Presidential solicitation.

Special provision for the State of Assam

“According to Article 371 B; notwithstanding anything under this Constitution, the President may specify by order, with respect to the State of Assam, the provision for constitution and functions of a committee of the State Legislative Assembly which shall consist of elected Tribal representatives of the Assembly and such other Assembly members as may be specified in the order. Also, the order shall specify the modifications to be made in the procedural rules of that Assembly”.

This system was connected with the Constitution after the representatives of the Central Government and the most elevated places of the Assam improvement continued to check a Memorandum of Settlement (Assam Accord) in New Delhi on the fifteenth August 1985. A 6-year upsetting effect campaign referring to the undeniable affirmation and evacuation of unlawful specialists was conveyed off by the All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) in 1979 which shut with the checking of the Assam Accord. Following are a piece of the settlements showed up at through the Assam Accord between the Government of India and the most elevated places of the Assam improvement:

The highest points of the Assam improvement consented to perceive every one of the explorers who had gone into the State before first January 1966. The Government of India perceived different worries of the Assamese public and consented to revive the constituent information base on that date.

The GOI agreed to get the overall limit among India and Bangladesh arranged at Assam by raising walls, putting spiked wires, conveying security powers, etc. All police charges against the top of the Assamese advancement from the commencement of the improvement until the stamping of the arrangement were taken out.


With the uncommon status of the State of Jammu and Kashmir being disavowed there emerges one more assumption for us that eventually the abundance remarkable game plans for the rest of the States will in like manner be taken out. In light of everything, outstanding treatment to anyone, even to a State is horrendous to the pith of a vote based country, where each and everyone has been ensured correspondence.


[2] Indian Constitution





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