copyright is a bundle of exclusive rights that are being made to protect the original work That is being done by the creator, author or any other person It is a form of protecting an. Intellectual property rights which are granted by law. the right that are mention under Copyright law includes the rights of reproduction of me work, Communication of the work to the public, adaption of the work and translation of the work. copyright Act basically protects the original work of a creator by preventing others from reproducing the same work not the other creator has done. This copyright Act have Introduced due two 3 main goal

  1. Encourage the development of culture Science and  Innovation
  2.  provide financial benefit to copyright holders for their work
  3. facilitate access to knowledge and entertainment for the public.

The history about copyright act can be traced. From the colonial era which was an era when britishers were mere in India. There were many amendment done in Copyright Act but the copyright Act, 1957 was the 1st post Independence copyright legislation In India and till 1957 it was boing amended for six times and one of the most recent development In the copyright amendment was done in the year 2012 through the Copyright Art 2012

There were many international conventions which, were being made and few of it was made for Copyright Act and India is one of the members of most Important International conventions which are being governing the area of copyright law and this convention includes

  • Berne Convention of 1886 (modified at Paris In 1971)
  • Universal Copyright convention 1951
  • Rome Convention of 1961
  • Agreement on trade related Aspects of Intellectual. Property rights (TRIPS)

Originally India was not a part of WIPO Copyright treaty (WCT) and the WIPO performances and Phonograms treaty (WPPT) but now India has entered Into This treaty in 2013. The scope and duration of Protection provided under Copyright law varies with the nature of the work. Now a days there is also a different world that we all leave in, as compare to ancient time. Now more than leaving live with the people we leave with our automobiles more and one Important digital Gadget That we use is computer which have lot of App I can say when it comes to computer them. software which were made by the people most of the software we will find a softcopy of it even the survey says that almost 90% of the software’s which are found on website mobile phones They all are copied version as this problem started occurring there was a copyright Act which was establish in 1994 under the literal work I can say some additional work was added up as we all know that today there is a very big world for computers and software’s programmers  to Protect all this Copyright act in 1994 there was a copyright act that was adopted .

There was a the sudden boom that occurred when the internet facility came up There ware lot of resources that was being found.  we all have experienced on internet That if we put a simple topic There are hundreds or thousands of material sources that can be found. From all the material that we find on google almost 50% of it is copies and most are copied from each other and the sources are so many that we are sometimes confused which to refer and which not because some sources provide with the exact information but some don’t. hence the authors, creator, content creators  who took a lot of time who read so many book did so much research Their work don’t pay Them because later on their original work is being copied and putted on Google. Even many people started making a copy of software there are many Software’s which are copied That to with no time and can easily be launched without no time and we can excess Copied software for free of Cost on Internet but later on to Stop This In 1994 under the literal work of copyright act they add up some provision so that originality should be maintained. So there were amendment made under 1994 copyright Act even Computer programing were being added in that copyright act  and if any person does any Copy of any software or any programme then he can be punished under both civil as well as Criminal offence

Under copyright Act of 1994 there were punishment given for doing any copy specially with any Computer programme because there were many developers who used to steal the programmed and the steeled code they used to bit add on that code and then Launch it in the market even copy tables and compilation were considered as an offense as we all know that tables & Compilation is a very difficult concept to prepare and it takes a lot of time and patience and even Computer Database. stealing all this were Considered a crime according to me it was not correct also because it is like someone’s else work we were just copy pasting and doing. It’s like ” one’s hard work, other’s benefit”. So as this copy parting shouldn’t happen there were later on registration which were brought up according to which the original copy were saved as the original work. So, i will just brief up how this registration, goes up so basically the creator whose original work it is so what he has to do is he has to Submit his first 25s lines of the article and with First 25 lines even last 25 lines should be submitted to the registration to show The individuality of the work and with this people also suggest that we should publish our original work on the log book because it gives us with the perfect date when was the work or article or anything was launch. This logbook Basically protects all the programmed which are there in the computers and helps from moving away from all the copyrights which are present. Computer are there is one more very imp That come during copyright thing that is Situation if consider that there is a person who has copied some software or any programme From other and by using the copied program of some other person by making giving his name and bit development establish or Launch. It in the market then the other person Can’t put the case of Copyright on him because he himself has legally copied that programme from someone else but on other hand knowingly if you have steal someone coding and has promoted in name and posted in it then that would be a crime under copyright act and you will be punishable for it .even recently there was a famous app which was used a ,to by the people of India or more then that I would say youth of India and later on we came to know that the app was a copied code of some other game from some other country and after knowing that it was banned in India and the game was known other than PUBG.

All we know that where there is crime there is punishment in the same way under copyright act there are punishments which are in both the forms fine as well as imprisonment. When it comes to imprisonment a person van be jailed for one week to 3 years and in terms of fine or financial way a person has to pay 20,000 to 2 lakh or even sometimes more so in this complete copyright act we learn that if we copy any codified work it is a crime and we can conclude that even though it is not compulsory for licensing or registering the computer software under copyright act it definitely gives a lot of advantage if we register our work through the computer programme copyright act.

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