Justice Suresh Kumar Kait was born on may 24, in the year 1963 at Kakaut village, in Kaithal district, that is located in Haryana in India.


Shri Justice Suresh Kumar Kait done his graduation in humanities from Kurukshetra University. While doing his graduation, he was selected as unit leader in NSS that means National Service Scheme and he also awarded a merit certificate in university.

He done his post graduation in political science, It is also done in Kurukshetra university, while doing his post graduation, he was elected as joint secretary of student union.

He done his Bachelor’s degree in law from campus law centre in university of Delhi, after completing it, he was enrolled as advocate in the year 1989.

  • He knows the signed language, that is uploaded the video by sign library in you-tube channel of Shri Justice Suresh Kumar Kait.


Justice Suresh Kumar Kait was the first person in his family to become an Advocate. He had been represented as panel lawyer [Every court have a panel of lawyers. There panel lawyers do various functions appointed to them by court, A panel lawyer must possess on honest reputation and often are recognized at the bar] or Senior counsel [A senior counsel is a lead attorney in a firm or legal department. As a senior counsel, your responsibilities involve providing legal advice, negotiating business terms on behalf of your employer and representing a company, organisation or agency in court] for the Railways and UPSC [union public service commission].

He was appointed as standing counsel for central government in the year 2004 and he continued till his elevation to the bench 2008.

And he was elevated as additional Judge to Delhi High Court On 05-09-2008, and became a permanent judge on 12-04-2013.


Justice Suresh Kumar Kait was transferred high court of judicature in Hyderabad for the state of Telangana and State of Andhra Pradesh on 12-04-2016 and he was re-transferred to Delhi high court.

The president of India on 06-10-2018 ordered that to transferring the Justice Suresh Kumar Kait as  a Judge to Delhi High Court. On before 20-10-2018, He was directed to assume charge of his office in Delhi High Court.

Last month [September 2018] as per the request of Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, the supreme court collegium recommended the central government, for re-transfer of Justice Suresh Kumar Kait to Delhi High Court.

In exercise of powers conferred that of article222[1] of constitution of India, the president, after consulting with chief Justice of India, he pleased to re-transfer of Shri Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, who was the Judge of Hyderabad for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

07-10-2018, the Justice and ministry of law issued a notification stating the president, after consultation of Chief Justice of India, given his consent for re-transfer of Justice Suresh Kumar Kait.

In April 2016, Justice Suresh Kumar Kait was transferred from Delhi High Court to Hyderabad High Court. In July 2018, he made a request for his re-transfer to home town of Delhi High Court.


  • Delhi High Court directs DMRC [Delhi Metro Railway Corporation] to pay decreted amount of over RS 6K Crore for DAMEPL [Delhi Airport Metro Express Private Limited] in 2 Installments by may, 2022.

On 10-03-2022 directed the DMRC [Delhi Metro Railway Corporation] to pay the decretal amount to reliance infrastructure, it  promotes to DAMEPL [Delhi Airport Metro Express Private Limited] In latter’s plea seeking enforcement of arbitration award dated on may 11, 2017 in two installments by 31 may, 2022.

  • On 21-02-2022 DMRC assures Delhi High Court to deposit RS 600 Crores for DAMEPL in escrow account within two days.

Justice Suresh Kumar Kait was hearing DAMEPL’s plea against to DMRC seeking the enforcement of arbitration award.

  • Delhi High Court asks DMRC [Delhi Metro Railway Corporation] to provide details of Bank Account, fixed deposits in execution plea by DAMEPL.
  • Delhi High Court has observed the order under ⅩⅩⅩⅦ of the civil procedure code [CPC] defendant is entitled to leave the suit to defend and he satisfied the court, then the defence [or] triable issues by way of which the plaintiff is not entitled to leave the sign of judgement.

Justice Suresh Kumar Kait made the following observation under ⅩⅩⅩⅦ order of CPC.

  • Delhi High Court Refend the entire court fees of trademark infringement suit resolved amicably outside the court.
  • Delhi High Court has held that limitation period of 3 years for seeking appointment of arbitrator commences from the date of expiry of 30 days period.

It has allowed the petitioner, BSNL [Bharat Sachar Nigam Limited],to proceed with arbitration against respondent WIPRO [Western India Palm Refined Oils Limited]

  • Unilateral appointment of arbitrator not permissible. NTPC [Non-technical popular categories] loses to its contracting party in Delhi High Court.
  • Delhi High Court allows plea for appointment of sole arbitrator after withdrawal of claim from International court of arbitration.
  • Delhi Metro Railway Corporation Limited [DMRC] has disclosed before the Delhi High Court that is has a total of RS 6208.03 Crores and lying in various banks.

Development Came after DMRC filed an additional affidavit in the plea filed by Delhi Airport Metro Private Limited [DAMEPL] seeking enforcement of arbitration award.

Image Source: Telangana High Court


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