Living inside Gas Chamber- Study Delhi Pollution with Major Case

Living in Delhi is = Smoking fifty cigarettes every single day


The Air Quality Index(AQI) level at 100 is considered as normal, but in Delhi the AQI is 267, is consider as very unhealthy and very bad and fall under “poor” in scale of pollution level.

The smog effects the visibility during riding vehicles causing accidents at highways, cancellation of flights and trains. Harmful Substances such as copper, magnesium, Nickel, Zinc form major sources of particles polluting the air.

Facts about Delhi Pollution

(1) The air pollution in Delhi is mainly caused due to industrial waste and vehicles. Everyday almost 80,000 trucks ply on the roads of Delhi and most of them are very old trucks burning diesel and kerosene.

(2) The fog around Delhi is a blend of toxic gases with a high concentration of nanoparticles, which are responsible for respiratory health problems.

(3) The spring season brings clear looking air, but this season is actually the time when sunlight reacts with gases such as nitrogen dioxide and VOCs to create ground level ozone, exposure to which is comparable to rubbing sandpaper on the insides of individual both lungs.

(4) A busy road on Delhi can now be equated to Hitler’s gas chambers as the levels of VOCs, Sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and ground level ozone are very high when one is on the roads of Delhi.

(5) The toxins in Delhi are growing in such a way that the human body can no longer filter out these destructive, carcinogenic pollutants. Smart pollutants are pollutants like the PM10 or PM 2.5 contains particle less than 10 &2 microns.This give pollution easy access to our lungs, causing severe respiratory problems.

(6) Delhi Pollution claims the lives of more than 10000 people every year. Winter season shows an increase in pollution induced illness in Delhi.

(7) After the festival of Diwali , the pollution in Delhi has reached disturbing levels, and Advisory issued by government or NGT to people are being advised not to step outside due to the severity of the hazardous pollution in levels. All Elders and children suffer more in such a situation.

Effect of pollution on Individual Health

(1) Report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2018 revealed that breathing in toxic air kills about 600,000 children every year under the age 15 fifteen.Due to this many children died from lower respiratory infections caused by air pollution in 2016 alone.

Data interpreted that every day, about 93 percent children under the age of 15, 1.8 billion youngsters, and 630 million children under the age of five breathe hazardously polluted air which is a full of pollutants.

(2) A 2017 report by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) found that 30 percent of all premature deaths in India are caused due to air pollution.

It said that by the year 2020, more than +1.73 million new cancer cases will most likely be recorded where the primarily problem would be air pollution, tobacco, alcohol and diet change.

(3) As per a 2018 study, particulate pollution is so severe that it shorten the average Indian’s life expectancy by 4 or more than 4 relative to what it would be if WHO air quality guidelines were met.

(4) Yet another study in 2019 by environment think tank Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) revealed that both outdoor and household air pollution together are causing deadly diseases causing the life expectancy in India to go down by 2.5 years.

(5) As if air pollution link to respiratory diseases was not enough to worry about, a 2018 study suggested that outdoor air pollution, even at deemed to be safe levels, increased the risk of diabetes across whole globe.

The study found that 1 out of 7new cases of diabetes, in 2016, were caused due to air pollution.

(6) Infants born to women exposed to high levels of hazardous air pollution in the week before delivery are more likely to be admit to a newborn intensive care unit (NICU), suggest in recent studies.

The 2019 study found that depending on the type of hazardous pollution, chances for NICU admission increased from about four percent to as much as 147%, as compared to infants whose mothers did not encounter high levels of air pollution during the a week before delivery time.

(7) Exposure to air pollution during early life may contribute to depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems in adolescence/teenage, suggested 3 new studies by the University of Cincinnati in the US.

A study published by the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, found that short-term exposure to hazardous air pollution was associated with of psychiatric disorders in children one to two days later in coming days.

(8) In 2019 study showed that the air young women breathe may be causing irregular menstrual cycles, as negative health effects from air pollution exposure include infertility, metabolic syndrome and polycystic ovary syndrome.

Major Case

M.C.MEHTA V. Union of India, 1991- Vehicular pollution Case


(A) The assimilation of environment protection guidelines as a duty of the State in the DPSP’s further more, the direction in Article 51-A to the residents of India as a part of fundamental duties indicating the Constitutional recognition of significance of safe environment for both plant and animaldiversity.

(B) Rules and regulations alone can’t help in re-establishing a uniformity in the biosphere disorder, and nor will the funds be of much help in improve the environmental condition. This condition requires an observation and innovative preparation. It also requires result oriented and continued action vital planning and activity. Campaigning for general arousing of the individuals using vehicles of different types and among the individuals residing in the Capital city is a basic starter

(C) Every individual using a vehicle ought to have a fair information on the harmful impact on the lives of people and Fauna and Flora of environment.Until that is done in fitting attitude with compelling way would not be created and mutual aid for reducing pollution would not develop.

(D) A Committee was established by the court to oversee the issue of vehicular pollution in Delhi and for developing ways and means of resolution of this issue.

(E) Retired Judge of a court was to go about as Chairman, the petitioner and the Chairman of the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) and the individual speaking to the Association of Indian Automobiles Manufacturers could be the individuals from the Board of Institution . The Committee would likewise have the ability to co-select experts not more than three for its effective working from time to time. The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Forest and Condition will be the Convenor-Secretary of the Committee.

(F) The Committee will be set up with effect from 18th March, 1991, under an applicable Notice of the Union Government.

(G) The Committee will deliver a report to the Court once in two months with respect to the means taken in the matter. The Delhi Administration and Union Government of India are coordinated to successfully collaborate with the Committee for its effective activity

After this judgement there was a significant decrease in number of autos in Delhi, around the year 1997 to 2010. The EPCA watched by the 2010 the city was buying or enrolling more than 1,000 new private vehicles consistently. Hence, the period from 1997 to 2011.

A lot of CNG outlets have been arrange and organised to give CNG gas to vehicles. Because of due to this case Delhi turned into the primary city on the planet to have whole public transportation vehicles running on CNG. Also, not long after this fuel changed by force, there was a considerable drop in vehicular contamination in Delhi.


Air pollution in Delhi is every year problem. Central and state government take many steps to curb this pollution from Delhi but it’s not enough strong. People of Delhi suffers from this pollution it is make news headlines every year. Apex court and NGT take not enough strong action and by this the sky of Delhi surrounded by smog every year . The neighbour states also don’t take any necessary measure stop the burning of stubble which Delhi air polluted most in winter season. Government and Courts need to make strong measure give clean Air in Delhi. People should also use public transport more than private.







(6) Aaj

(7) The Hindu

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