What it means to be a C- Section mother in India.

This is my personal experience and not any medical opinion. Please take medical advise from a Proper Professional. This article is just for your reference to ease your mind.

The month of April is known as C- Section awareness month.

Even today a lot of women are shamed just because they gave birth to their children via C- Section.

I gave birth to both my children via C- Section, both were planned. The reason was nothing fancy but medical reason. With my elder son, my due date was 28th September. Yet, there was no sign of labour. So, the doctor gave us a time of one week to wait otherwise, we would proceed for a C-Section. Everyday I would go for checkup to my doctor. Trust me the last few days are the most frustrating days. The wait just tires you off. So we waited for a few days and observed that my weight was continuously increasing everyday, so the doctor sent me for sonography. During the Sonography, we found that even my son’s weight was increasing. Ultimately, we fixed a date i.e. 7th October, 2014, which was also Sharad Poornima and also my Birthday for the C- Section. All my Cousins had C- Section. Till then we had not revealed to anyone about the planned C- Section.

Once the surgery was done I was relieved. The baby was finally in my hands.

For my second pregnancy I was already overweight and during my pregnancy I reached almost 100kgs. Somehow I have a swelling in my body, which just comes and goes as it wishes. I do need to workout and take care of my body, but yes in the last 3 years I have managed to loose a few kgs, here and there. My Second C- Section was smoother than my first one. My son was around 4 and half years. We had again planned to go ahead with a planned C- Section before the due date because I was already over weight and the baby had also attained the required weight. Thus, on 27th April, 2019, my daughter was born, co-incidentally also my wedding anniversary date. Post the birth of my daughter, I barely rested because maximum of my time was spent controlling my elder son, who suddenly found himself lonely and was very aggressive. Secondly, we had brought a new house and so right from the fourth month, I had started physical hard work and after 6 months I would lift heavy weight and climb down three flights of stairs.

Touchwood post both my pregnancies, I did not get the back pain, which most women talk about. One tip, that my doctor gave me during my discharge was to keep body movement continuously. So if I sit straight for 5 mins, I used to rock myself. Similarly, I do not stay in same position for more than 5-10 mins. I keep moving around here and there. That is the reason, why despite being so heavy, I could escape body pain. I took calcium tablets for around 6 months and then stopped. I took Iron tablets for a little bit longer because my haemoglobin during my delivery was around 9, which was a bit risky for a pregnant woman.

It was not the C- Section that bothered me. It was the comments and the interest of the society that made me wonder a lot of things. People were openly commenting about my weight and constant comparison between skin colour of mine and my children.

At one point I felt that I should have handed over DNA Reports of my Children, so that all their queries would have been satisfied.

Ladies, the problem is not the procedure of C- Section, the problem is how our society is still considering us as incapable mothers, because we did not have labour pain or gave birth easily and smoothly. I still do not understand why do we glamorise hardships of a mother so much. Sometimes, this glamourization and worship of motherhood can actually turn toxic.

So Ladies, if you think a C- Section, is what your body needs,

If you think you are not ready for Labour Pains or have phobia of pain.

If the medical reason demands a C- Section, go ahead and do the same, because prolonged labour pains, can also lead to other health related issues in future.

Then go ahead and opt for a C- Section. Do not wait to understand the opinion of others. The opinion of the society is not going to help your child. It will simply push you to post partum depression.

At the end of the day, what matters is how you take care of your mind and body post delivery. Irrespective of a Normal Delivery or a C- Section Delivery, your body has already gone through immense amount of changes, during your pregnancy. If you have undertaken IVF or any other treatment, then the changes that your body goes through changes a lot of things about you.

We often expect the new mother to be a superwoman, yes I did start working right on the day my daughter was born, but that was just because I was bored. You do not need to do it. I also heard from some women, who deliberately stayed longer in the hospital post normal delivery because everyone around then was pressurising them to start working immediately. Every new mother needs her mental space to recover, she needs support and love and not your judgmental comments.

Aishwarya Says:

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