What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life  –  Catherine Ponder.

We are always advised by elderly people to think positive and say positive in life but ever wondered what could be the actual reason behind this saying?

The book “ THE SECRET” by Rhonda Byrne  explains us the reason behind this saying and that is that our thoughts become things. Law of Attraction is a law just like any other law for example Law of Gravity. It has always been there on earth but nobody other than some great personalities talk about it. This law simply explains that we can create our very own desired life just by visualization and gratitude. Everything in this universe is made up of energy or frequency. When we visualize of something we really and truly want and act as if we already have it, our frequency rises. This frequency helps to bring our desires into reality. Everything is present in the parallel universe. So basically this frequency helps us bring the things from parallel universe to this universe. This is also known as Manifesting.

“Remember that when you truly want something , the entire Universe conspires to make it truly happen.” These are the words by the great writer Paulo Ceolo. In his book  he has explained about manifesting and law of attraction through a story.

The real question  arises when we think why are such laws not taught in school or why are majority of people not aware of such a law?. This is something if taught in school would be of a great help to build children’s positive mindset. The answer to this question is itself answered in the “The Secret” book . The book says that great leaders, revolutionary or any powerful people (good or evil) always had the knowledge of Law of Attraction. People like Adolf Hitler, Galileo and many others always knew the existence of such a law but they decided to hide it from the whole world just to maintain the dominance in the world. They wanted this law to be hidden from the normal people so that they can rule over them and make things work according to their needs.

Your thoughts and your feelings create your life. It will always be that way. – Lisa Nichols.

Law of attraction always works just like Law of gravity or any other law. His is no conditions or time period as to when it is active. It existed back then , it still exists now and will keep on existing until there is an end to this universe.

This is no coincidence that only few percentage of people in the whole world are rich. How is it possible in this world which is full of uncertainty that these people earn a lot of wealth . These people use law of attraction for this purpose and this is a fact. Rich people always speak positive words into their life. They show gratitude towards everything they have and will be having in mere future. They always carry a happy , growing , peaceful and healing mindset no matter what happens to them

The law Of Attraction is ruled by the energy of every living and non- living all are made up of atoms. These atoms carry energy or vibrations. These vibrations don’t need a medium or time or speed to reach anywhere. They can reach anywhere and everywhere in no time. These vibrations create an impact in our as well as other’s life. This the main reason why people say that prayers heal everything. Prayers are basically vibrations we send from our mind and body to the place or people we intend to.

How to apply Law Of Attraction :

Law of Attraction experts say that the 3 main ingredients or methods to apply Law of Attraction in our life are :

  1. Visualization
  2. Affirmations
  3. Gratitude.


To Visualize means to think of a something we want to happen in reality . Thinking of a wish we want for ourselves long with how we would we feel if that thing came into reality . For eg. If someone wants to buy a beautiful apartment, he can start by thinking of how living in his dream apartment would be .What would be the feeling etc. Visualizing with details is one of the easiest way to manifest a dream apartment. For eg. The colour of the walls, furniture, the view from the window also what a normal day in the apartment would look and feel like. If someone is not good with visualization with the help of their own mind then they can use internet or anything from where they can download a photo which resembles their dream. Now-a-days a lot of people use pinterest for such purpose. Creating vision board and giving a look into it once or twice or as much as possible is one of the best ways to visualize because when we visualize our mind captures this idea or our dream and makes it happen in its own ways through vibrations.

Affirmations :

Affirmations are basically words we say to ourselves in order to remind ourselves that nothing is impossible for us and we are capable to create anything and everything we want. Researchers through various tests have found out that people who talk to themselves with positive words are much more productive with everything they do than others who don’t. Humans always under estimate the power of themselves. We can do far better than we can even think. Human mind always tricks us by telling that “we are not good positive affirmations we are counter attacking such negative thoughts.  We are reminding ourselves that we are not our thoughts and  by affirming we control our mind and make it focus on doing productive things. There are many self affirming sentences we can put in use in our day to day life like “ I can do this”, “ I am worthy of love” “I am worthy of Happiness” etc.


By Gratitude I mean to thank the universe of god with whatever we are already blessed with while our other desires come true. Gratitude put our moods into positive mindset which helps us focus on god things that has happened to us instead of focusing . When our mind is filled with positive things we are positively charged which send high vibration into the universe which brings our desires into reality. In many self- growth books it is mentioned that every human should make a habit of starting and ending the day with gratitude. This will help the person start that day with positive mindset which will help him/her to make the best out of their day. Also when you are about to enter your bed make a habit to read a book atleast for 10 mins and show gratitude for everything and everyone you have in your life. This will put you in good sleep and also reduces stress levels.

Law Of Attractions  and Self help books

  1. The Secret – Rhonda Byrne
  2. Success through a positive mental attitude – Napoleon Hill
  3. The Alchemist – Paulo Ceolo
  4. Ask and it is given –  Esther Hicks and Jerry Hicks
  5. Think and Grown Rich – Napoleon Hill
  6. The power of Intention – Wayne Dyer
  7. Think like a Monk – Jay Shetty


  1. The Secret – Rhonda Byre
  2. Think like a Monk – Jay Shetty
  3. Law of Attraction Articles

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