The Kashmir files: A long hidden truth revealed about disparity of Kashmiri Hindus and pandits. It brought us the truth that happened in India in 1990s and it shares the Real story of Kashmir which was not exodus of Kashmiri Hindus but Genocide. And one religion people were brainwashed to get into terrorism and murdered and assaulted several Kashmiri Hindus in the name of AL- Jihad. There were slogans that either convert to Islam or leave Kashmir with your wife’s and daughters. As they also captivate and captured several Kashmiri Hindu women for their lust satisfaction by force and did rape, sodomy and LUST MURDERS of them. They have so much hatred that they considered Kashmiri women to be animals and molested and sexual assaulted them to such extents that a human cannot think to do so.

Like now just like in AFGHANISTAN when Taliban conquered it those Jihadis raped women their and also dug up graves of recent died women to satisfy by their lust from those corpses or did NECROPHILIA.

Just like that happened in Kashmir also Kashmiri Hindus were afraid and scared on their own lands and many were forced to leave Kashmir and many were killed in name of Allah.

Several Kashmiri Daughters were forcefully converted to Islam and had to go through through miseries and brutal practices at that time like triple talaq and HALALA(means sex with the old man if divorced by husband then only allowed to remarry) and many such practices. Kashmiri women were objectified and were seen as prostitutes only. And were also termed as Kheti(farmfield) in their Books.

People around world should also know about this tragic moment in history which was not until now been shown through a movie.

This Movie exposes that how anti India conspiracy was established and how Kashmiri Pandits were exploited their houses were taken away their property money and shop etc. all were taken away they were only left with tent house.
This picture also shows us that how inclined the government was towards those anti India groups and conspiratists and how it even regulated and somewhat promoted it by withdrawing forces and not gave due diligence to resolve this conflict.
It is the story of misery of Kashmiri pandits and their agony.
And it is reminder of them not getting justice for a long time of 30 years. It is an evident display that how propagandist media house can be in not showing exploitation of one kind of people and hiding it inspite. 5 lakh people were displaced and then no human right activist got up to raise this issue.
This movie is a gem and an example that how one religion establishes their rule through government and how suppression and oppression of one community happens and how it is allowed impliedly to persist. It shows us reality that how biased our society is how many hypocrite are sitting in chairs of human right activism. Kashmir files has again brought among us the issue and had revived the hope for justice for Kashmiri Hindus
This film is not promoted by any Bollywood house as it doesn’t suit their propaganda and even fatwas are raised against the director Vivek Agnihotri and it shows us that how major sector in India are not letting the truth to coke out.
As it is evident that each and every part of this movie is truth and it is backed by numerous evidences and makes this film legitimate.
And we must now think that we want to support these kind of talents or of nepotists of bollywood. This movie display how one by one of a targeted community people were assasinated brutally by hanging them on tree and more.
And there happened masses of rapes and necrophilia with the Kashmiri Hindu women but it was not displayed in movie much but the victim Pandits now also tells stories that how many Kashmiri Hindu women were raped and how their body was snatched .
One such example was Ghirija Tickoo who was brutally gang raped and tortured to death by cutting her body by saw(Ari). Her body was found on the verge of the road.
This movie is not incitement of hate against a particular religion but it is truth showing us that how a particular religion genocided Kashmiri Hindus and despite that never made an apology and never in past regretted it or said anything about it that it was wrong. Rather it was well tried to hide this tragedy from people of India especially from Hindus of India. This film is example in itself that how hard kashmiri Hindus were suppressed and their truth was also tried to be manipulated.
It is a shame for a democratic country to have occurences of such incidents but now as article 370 was removed it also shows us that  their was  biasness of government towards a religion of their interests and if government of that time would have acted with accordance to their duty it might not have happened. And also tells us that we must vote right peoples.
We Indian should take an unforgettable lesson that how secularism is said to be present in India but real colors are shown by one religion after they get into majority. It show us that whatever we do we can’t fully make people accept people of India diversity as just like Jew exploitation by Nazis this incident of Kashmir is great example that India need uniform civil code.
This film must be watched not as a movie but for acknowledging how Hinduphobia is initiated in India  but talks goes about Islamophobia.
We must realise that some people living around us are brainwashed to such an extent that they must be eradicated as they will be going to cause more harm to integrity of India
We must support the truth and appreciate it as someone initiated with a lot of will to bring among us this unforgettable truth.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.


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