Employee Turnover

Employee turnover is a serious problem with regarding to industry. Employee turnover is defined as the rate of change in working staff of a organisation during a definite period. Employee turnover means changing of employees for migrating or employees from one organisation or industry to another. The main reason of employees shifting from one form to the another is for more comfortable decent and better paid work. The employees turn over not only affect the employer or the organisation but it also affect the employees too.

The employees turnover indicates that there is something wrong with the organisation and the working of the organisation. Since employees turnover is in a picture in every organisation but it can be controlled. The success of the organisation can be measured how the organisation prevent or control labour turnover. Labour turnover is expressed in percentage when seven percentage of labour turnover means seven out of hundred workers left from the factory within one year. However went small percentage of labour turnover over is not that serious but when the turnover is more than 5% it indicates that the organisation has a serious problem and it should be corrected as soon as possible.

Employee turnover is an universal problem among the industrial workers it adversely affect the employers. When an employee is employed in an organisation he has to go through many stages like interviewing selection physical examination etc… according to a organisation it is an expensive and cost incurred process it is so difficult for the organisation to spend more time and money on this process and to make an employee trained in a particular field he should be properly trained and training will be provided by the concerned organisation and when an employee leaves the organisation all the investment made by the employer to train the employee goes waste. However it also affect the market reputation of the employer since it question the efficiency of the employer.

It not only affect the employer but it also affect the employees too, when an employee migrates from one organisation to another, she has to adjust with the new organisation and the organisational environment it is not easy for all to get adopted to the new environment it takes time it may also create mental pressure to the employee. Organisation request Employees with different skills when the, the employee has to gain a new skill when he shift to a different organisation and all the skill that he has gained from his previous employment goes waste. When a worker who keeps shifting his employment , and it will create a bad impression on him and he will be subjected to suspicion and he will be also judged by such attitude.

However the employees turnover can either be avoidable or unavoidable the avoidable employees turnover which may be caused due to poor supervision poor control poor coordination inadequate planning and lack of Management etc… These avoidable courses can be controlled by the employer by taking remedial measures such as improving recruitment policies and practices, providing adequate training ,reasonable amenities and welfare measures ,retirement benefits and proper communication channel for improvement of moral of the employee etc.. however there is also an unavoidable cause of labour turnover which is coaster no due to employer fault such turnover caused due to illness, accident ,retirement ,death etc…

Employee turnover is a serious problem , the employer can ascertain ok bye interviewing with the outgoing employees and also take surveys from the present employees by bye and also investigate what was the reason for the the employees turnover all these can help to to ascertain the cause of employees turnover . High employees turnover is a warning to the employer that there is something wrong with the organisation and which is needed to be taken seriously and investigated properly and the employer should introduce suitable remedies for reducing the rate of employees then over to the minimum.






Aishwarya Says:

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