Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
-Dalai Lama

After completing my 12th I decided to join in kerala to do my LLB. Since my parents were in Saudi, they insisted if I stayed with my elder sister and her kids. So it was me, my younger sister, elder sister and her kids in our house back in changanaserry. Whenever I get  leave, I rush back to my home to changanaserry from thodupuzha hostel and that became my usual pattern. My elder sister had a girl of  about 10 years and a boy of 5 years, and the boy was so much attached to me. Whenever I get back, he use to  run over me in excitement .

One day , in kitchen when gossiping with my sister  he ran over me and sat on  my lap , suddenly he caught my neck  which made me choke as it  was so tight. Even though she saw what was happening, instead of stopping him she started laughing. At first this made me angry on her, for not reacting to her son’s action but after that we both uttered into laughter, even though for a moment Silence took over there for few moment . thinking over something I again started to laugh , and my sis asked, ” why do just laugh that way after  screaming on my baby ?”. I continued with those laughs and said , ” karma is so true right and whatever we do that will surely haunt us even if years pass na ”. When I said them she was in confusion thinking of what was I actually talking about and I explained a matter which happened years back.

Around 10 years back when I was in my 3rd standard my sis had her marriage. As we all were residing in saudi, we came as a vacation to conduct her wedding. My younger sister was just in her KG’S and well she don’t even remember them well now. The 3rd day after the marriage everyone where so much in joy sharing everything each other. My brother in law was literally happy to have two younger chottu sisters and he always loved to play with us.

I was sitting on my brother in laws lap in the varanda and was chitchating with him. All on a sudden I caught his neck so tight and acted saying that I killed him. And he too was acting as if he was dead, actually he was enjoying our play of death. My way of holding his neck was actually very hard because that made him to cough a bit harder. Hearing his cough my dad came to see what was actually happening and dad called me to his room with a lovely tone as if he wanted to gift me something pleasant.

I ran to the room jumping from his legs and went to my dad. He was busy in packing as in two days he had to go back to Saudi. I went in with a wide smile thinking of the surprise. He asked me to get the door locked, I thought my younger sister shouldn’t knw about the gift that my dad gives me, so again with joyful mind I went rushing to lock the door.

Cool I went, “yes everything done whats there, and he stood and opened a very big suitcase, I still remember, it was a very beautiful case with goldish shade and his name was specified near the lock. Dad opened it and I couldn’t see anything colorful that I wanted but saw a big cream colored stick. Seeing that I was in fear of thinking what did I do wrong and tried to collect everything that came to my mind. Dad took one stick fr0m his case and could see so many of them safely lying inside it. He took that and asked me to stand inside the circle that he drew. The moment his face changed to anger, my eyes started to pour tears in fear of not knowing what wrong I have done. I stood in that circle screaming so hoping someone would come to rescue me. But his words were, “if u make any noise then there will be the double of what I have planned to give”. 

That made my mouth shut. Dad holed my right hand and pulled into air where his right hand was working as if he was playing on drums. His stick had well played on my legs and I was literally dancing in air. After his drums section were done he made me land and said, ”  Are you suppose to do like that to anyone, whatever he is an elder person to you and sitting on his lap unrespectfully and making him harm without any hesitation. How irresponsibly u acted, he is our guest so behave well, this is only an example. Stop crying and leave the room”. His commands gave me a chance to escape from his clutches and ran to kitchen to see mom.

She was bc cooking and chitchatting with all the relatives out there. When I ran in to the kitchen everyone asked what happened and I faked the smile as I dint want them to knw what happened in the room. I wanted to speak personally to mom but couldn’t so kept myself sit somewhere possible so if time allows I could say her. Seeing my expression and behavior, in a joke manner mom said, “she might have got something from dad or else wouldn’t come here”. Saying that everyone started to laugh and I myself got angry as how could she read my mind and then spread to everyone. In that anger when I tried to leave kitchen my brother in law came and hearing it he said, “she was happy a while a go and what happened all on a sudden”. When he said them my anger went to him as he was the reason of the beats which I got from dad. Kept those to myself as it’s a shame to me.

Years passed, I said my sister…, “see karma plays , that day I did this to him and after years his son did the same to me. Same action same result. Just I got for what I did that day.” Hearing this my sister laughed along with me and said, “Ya u should get it, after all you have troubled me so much, just see u will get everything one by one this is only a start.

Even if she said those as a  joke that was actually true because whatever happened in my life it’s a reflection of my act. If someone causes a pain in me and not to react it back then that same after effect would haunt them. Saying this reminded me of some incidents that took place in college.

We had freshers day celebration as to invite our Juniors and everyone were busy in jobs assigned to them. We had dance programs as to dedicate them. To see what was happening with others, I went out of the class holding my mobile. Immediately someone pushed me and my mobile got down with a sound. In fear I took it up and found that my screenguard had broke. Looking up found, it was Gouthamy my classmate, my benchmate, and moreover my hostelmate. Seeing her face I couldn’t say anything even when it was my new phone and causing a damage to that felt a bit heart broken. But kept myself in silence. Hearing for her thousand sorry’s just smiled and left that place holding my phone tight.

After all the programs, I heard my friend, Akshaya, my classmate benchmate and hostelmate, saying me that, “Dee, the same way ur phone is gone her phone also went. While taking selfi with the guest of our college Sarath Kumar, he left her phone and it made her screenguard broke.” Hearing that from her actually gave a big shock as the same day she got for what she did. Even when it was an accident, it hit the same way she did to me.

In my mind that incident kept me on in despair, thinking that KARMA is very strong. She wouldn’t have got it if I had shouted for the act she did and got angry on her. I just left with silence and Karam played back.

This was just the beginning as whenever such incidents took place and my silence where the license for karma to play, thats what I always felt. When repeatedly this happened to everyone they were in sayings that to hurt me they r scared because it would act them back. That saying actually gave me a good smile because we humans have an issue we will only learn through happenings and not by sayings, these lines said by my friend came to be true. Thank you for making me realize, The happening that u get now are the aftereffects of our actions.

” Do good to others, someway or the other it will get back to you”
– unknown

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