Ab Initio – From the very beginning, from the start of something

Eg – An agreement is considered to be void ab initio if it is not legally valid.

Ad idem – meeting of the minds by parties.

Eg – Consensus ad idem in contract law means there has been a meeting of the minds of all parties involved.

Ad infinitum – to continue forever without limit.

Eg – If two parties enter into a contract which is a non-terminating one then it is said to be an ad infinitum contract. Like contracts in perpetuity.

Ad nauseum – disgusting or ridiculous to the extent of causing nausea (vomiting).

Eg – Mr. A has been bored ad nauseam by speeches of Mr. B

Ad valorem – Proportionate to the value

Eg – Imports are charged 8%, exports 1% ad valorem duty.

Alibi – At another place, elsewhere. The fact or state of having been elsewhere at the time.

Eg – X is charged of killing Y at Y’s home. X offers evidence that he was in class that day at the time of the murder thus, as per principle of alibi X is not liable.

Ambiguitas latens – latent ambiguity not appearing on instant inspection.

Eg – A and B entered into a contract. A’s lawyer was not able to advise A on a clause which was Ambiguitas latens in nature.

Amicus Curiae – A person or organization that is not a party to the litigation but is permitted by law to advise it (court), friend of the court

E.g – Mr. A being a environmental scientist was appointed as amicus curie by the Hon’ble Court in an environmental law related matter.

Animus possidendi – An intention to possess.

Eg – A possessor has Animus possidendi which is different from ownership in the land.

Audi alteram partem – Let the other side be heard as well.

Eg – Government has suspended his employee Mr. X without giving notice to him. Mr. X approached the Court of law with a plea that the Government has not followed the principle of audi alteram partem.

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