Domestic Violence against Women in India.

“Violence is never domestic, it roars wild everyday . She serves dinner to the carnivore in a porcelain made out of her broken bones” – Monica  Swain.

Introduction :

When we say domestic , we mean something very homely or family related. But what happens when this place which is supposed to keep us safe is the same exact place where we get hurt the most. Domestic violence takes place in each and every corner of our country India. Every newspaper contains at least one news about domestic violence every single day. Physical Violence, Sexual violence , Psychological violence, Emotional violence , Verbal abuse , Financial abuse etc are all different categories that comes under  Domestic violence. The main reason domestic violence is such a big deal in today’s world is because it  restricts the fundamental rights of women.  According to the numbers 3582 cases were filed for domestic violence with National Commission for Women in the year 2020. The scaring truth is this is just the 30%  from the actual number who seek help or file case for domestic violence. 70% of women who experienced Domestic violence did not even file a case because of fear and threat from their family  . During lockdown when the whole world was suffering from the deadly corona virus many women were facing domestic violence at home. According to Times of India there was a sharp rise in the number of complaints for Domestic violence during lockdown as compared to the numbers before lockdown. Women were mainly facing physical abuse and sexual abuse . Marital rape is in headlines from the very beginning of the lockdown.

Causes :

The causes behind this crime can be tracked back to husband being in wrong company such as drugs, alcohol  consumption , poverty which all leads to marital issues resulting in husband physically abusing their wives. Other causes like a desire for male child or receiving very less dowry also results into this crime. These causes are mainly found in rural areas. The causes found in urban areas are quite different . One of the leading reasons behind domestic violence in urban areas is increasing success of women . . The jealous factor  for seeing women being successful in their career and  earning more than the male in the family.

Case laws related to Domestic Violence :

Rahul Arun Suryavanshi And Ors vs Lalita Rahul Suryavanshi ,2019 is perfect example of emotional as well as physical abuse towards wife.

Mr.Ishpal Singh Kahai vs Mrs.Ramanjeet Kahai ,2011 is a case where the husband is an aggressive alcoholic and abused her wife several times

Ashok Vardhan Reddy and others vs Smt. P Savita , 2012

 Laws protecting Women rights :

 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act , 2005 is an act of the Parliament of India enacted to protect women from domestic violence. It was came into force by the government of India from 26 October 2006.

Section 498 of the Indian Constitution looks to protect a wife, female live-in partner or a woman living in a household like a mother or a sister from domestic violence (including verbal, economic , emotional and sexual abuse) by the hands of a husband , male live-in partner or relatives.

There are so many laws to protect women’s right yet domestic violence is taking place in such a large number in the country. According to Karnataka and Bihar were the two major states with maximum number of domestic violence against women in the year 2021.In Kerala you can see men beating their wife in front of their house and the neighbours take it as a usual day to day thing. The sad part is even the wife or victims take it as normal routine to get beaten up by their partners. These women are taught to bear with everything that their partners put up with because they have to depend on them financially for the entire life. They were taught to choose abuse over self respect and peace.

 In India the punishment for Domestic violence is imprisonment for 3 years along with a penalty fee. but there are people who get away with it with help of some management or upper authority. There is no fear among the men or anyone who does such crimes against women because of such reasons. Earlier domestic violence was not even considered a legal case to be filed. It was overlooked as every home issues

Adverse Effects :

There is so much  damage happening to someone when she goes through domestic violence by their family member. These damages cause trauma which is quite enough to destroy a person’s life and career. Women become victims of anxiety, depression and often become suicidal. Domestic violence also plays a vital role in causing fertility problems to women.

Conclusion :

In a country where we worship goddess is the same place we abuse our women. Whether it is rural or urban ,women are still facing a lot of inequality issues starting with Domestic violence. Men need to understand that women are not here to steal their position or power but to  establish their own. They just want to live the same life that men are granted with equal rights , opportunities and main thing – Self respect . Domestic violence cannot be normalised . Men and women are born with different body and physical power. Nobody is superior than the other.

Once Priyanka Chopra said in an interview “ Men and women both deserves equal cerebral opportunity”. Domestic violence is not something to be proud of but to be ashamed off.

There came a need to develop such laws in the first place is because women were taught to bow down in front of every man since the very beginning. they were not allowed or permitted to explore for their own good but do as their males in the family say. Women’s place was always limited to kitchen . Partners who are supposed to be the greatest protectors are now the ones ruining these poor women’s lives. It’s not about just wives we are talking about here there are people who disrespect and physically hurt their mothers as well as sisters .

Now the Police department has developed a few helpline numbers like 1043 and other NGO numbers where victims can contact to seek help. NGOs take care of the victims by providing them health counselling and other medical measures to help. There is a need to prevent domestic violence as much as possible and to put an end to it for the betterment of the society for this there need to be taken strict actions against the criminals and women, on the other side , should be encouraged not to bear such crimes just for the sake of household and family. Domestic violence will come to an end the day every single person will consider women as equal human beings instead of burden or competition or just means to give birth.

Reference :

The Times of India for all case laws

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