Introduction – Human Resources

Human resources concept is a recent origin , it begins around the end of 19th century in Europe. Earlier this this concept was known as manpower planning and it was used in ancient era and gradually the concept get developed as according to the social development form personal management to human resource management . Organization is a place where people work together to achieve a common goal. The goal is only achieved with effective utilization of resources . The resources are of two kinds human resources and now human resources. Human resources places an important role in organization . IN order to achieve the objectives it should be properly managed . The proper and effective management of human resources is termed as Human Resources Management


The ancient Greek playwright, Sophocles said,” Wonders are many and none is more wonderful than man”. Without human resources nothing is possible. Hence human resource plays a crucial role in organization. No matter the type of organizations . Every organization requires human resources for its working. Human resources means the knowledge , skills, attitude, values of workforce in the organization. Human resources should be managed properly only then the organization can achieve its objectives. Human’s are considered as an asset, which means nothing can be equitable to human resource.

According to Flippo, “Human Resources Management may be defined as the planning , organizing, directing, and controlling of the procurement, development, compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end that individual, organization and societal objectives are accomplished.”

Human resources management is a people oriented management policy it not only ensure organizational goals but at the same time it also ensure the development of the organization. Human resources management is universal in nature this is because it is applicable in all types of organizations. Human resources management is an combination of organizational as well as personal goals. The people are also benefit with , it considered acquisition, development, motivation and maintenance of the people.

Why Human Resources Management is important?

Human resources management is not only important for the organization , it is equal important for people and society at large. Managing human resources in a proper and efficient manner can contribute more benefits to the society. The organization should always comply with the ethical standards by ensuring its benefits to society. Responsible using of human resources in an ethical way is not only for the benefit of the organization but it is for the benefit of the society as well, this is because the organization provide employment opportunities and once the people get benefitted then the society automatically get developed.

By managing human resources it helps the people in organization to achieve their personal goals. Human resources management tries to integrate both organization and personal goals. Human resources management ensure employees motivation and satisfaction. The manager takes care of training and development need, career planning of employees in the organization in order to retain the existing employees in the organization


I would like to quote Akio Morita , word’s “ No matter how good or successful you are, or how clever or crafty, your business and its future are in the hands of the people you hire” . Humans are important for all around development. No organization can sustain with out people, all the features of organizations depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources work in the organization. Resources are always limited so to avoid wastage of resources it is important to have a resource management policy. Hence, I would like to conclude by saying that human resources management is a backbone for every organization.


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