Geographical Indication

GI in India

GI are part of our heritage. It can be counted as the identification of our country. Since these are invaluable treasures of our tradition it needs to be protected and it should be announced to the whole world. Here comes the importance Of Geographical indications of Goods ( Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 ( GI Act ) is introduced for this purpose.

GI Act 1999

According to The geographicall Indication Act, 1999 The Registrar of Geographical Indications is The Controller – General of Patents, Designs and Trademark appointed under sub-section(1) of section 3 of the Trade Marks Act, 1999.

For GI registration, firstly an application must be made before the Registrar. If there is no opposition after the examination, the registrar will grant the certificate of registration. The Geographical Indication is registered for 10 years as the initial period. It can be renewed from time to time. Darjeeling Tea is the first GI product. If there is an infringement of a registered Geographical Indication, we can file a case. Tea Board,India v. ITC Limited is the first case on Infringement of a registered GI.

There are more than 300 registered Geographical Indications. It includes Agricultural products like Darjeeling Tea of West Bengal, Navara rice and Palakkadan matta rice Kerala, Kangra tea if Himachal Pradesh, Coorg orange, Mysore betel leaf, Nanjanahad banana of Karnataka and so on, Handicrafts like Aranmula Kannadi, Payyannur sacred ring of KeralaP achampallilkat of Telangana, Salem Fabric of Tamil Nadu,Chanderi saree of Madhya Pradesh etc. And also includes Manufactured items , Food stuffs and Natural goods.

Geographical Indications in India


West Bengal –

1. Darjeeling Tea
2. Laxmanbhog Mango
3. Khirsapati Mango
4. Fazli MaAgriculturalngo


1. Navara Rice
2. Palakkadan matta rice
3. Allappey Green cardamom
4. Vazhakkulam pineapple
5. Travancore Jaggery

Karnataka –

1. Coorg Orange
2. Mysore betel leaf
3. Nanjanagad banana
4. Mysore mallige
5. Udupi mallige
6. Hadgali mallige
7. Coorg’s green cardamom
8. Pokkali rice
9. Rainy Malabar Arabica Coffee
10. Peppeecorns
11. Kamalpur red bananas
12. Udupi mattu gulla brinjal
13. Bangalore blue grapes
14. Bangalore Rose onion

Tamil Nadu

1. Eathomozhy tall coconut
2. Serumalai Hill Banana
3. Eucalyptus
4. Virupakshi Banana
5. Erode Manjal
6. Madurai Malli


Kerala –

1. Aranmula kannadi
2. Payyannur sacred ring

Telangana –

1. Pochampallilkat

Tamil Nadu –

1. Salem Fabric

Maharashtra –

1. Solapur sheet
2. Solapur terry towel

Madhya Pradesh –

1. Chanderi saree

Aranmula kannadi

Aranmula is a small town in Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. Aranmula is a sacred place where Aranmula Parthasarathy Temple is situated. One family who works on the mirror of Aranmula Parthasarathy temple only knows the secret of making Aranmula Kannadi.

Aranmula kannadi is not just a mirror. It is an alloy of certain metals. The exact metals used in the alloy is still only known by the family. It is a family secret. The metals are polished for many days and make it so clear and crystal in the form of a mirror.

Aranmula kannadi is considered as a symbol of Rich, and prosperity. It is used to give as gifts. In Hindu marriage, there is eight auspicious items known as ashtamangalyam that is used while the entry of bride at the wedding venue. One of the ashtamangalyam that is used while the entry of bride at the wedding venue. One of the ashtamangalyam is Aranmula kannadi. It is also used as a symbol of prosperity at certain ceremonies. British museum in London has 45 cm tall Aranmula mirror. Aranmula mirror received geographical indication tag in 2004 -2005.


• Geographical Indications of Goods( Registration and Protection ) Act, 1999 – Bare Act.,_1999

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