Dimensions of online classes.


We all know that, now the whole world is suffering from a pandemic called ‘Covid 19’. It have put an end to the life of many people. We had changed a lot from our previous living conditions. It has originated in 2019 but, still we are under the clutches of this octopus virus.

But, many of the countries have returned to their previous periods. Vaccines and other health treatments have helped them a lot to attained that previous position. It is considered as one of their victory or evolution in the field of science and technology.

Along with it, we have to give consideration to the educational systems in our country. Because, it is the only tool that can be used to change the whole world. This is the observation of Abraham Lincoln about education. But, when the Covid 19 affected our country in 2019,we are not well developed in the field of science and technology. There are so many I. T. Parks here but, we are not familiar with the usage of its advantages to our educational field.

More than eight months of period, the Kerala government have called for a lockdown. It was on the basis of the instruction given by the Central government of India. State list, concurrent list and the Union list in schedule 7 of the Constitution is the basic reason for this power. State government can also bring changes in their administration in accordance with the situation of the state.

In the year 2020, the Kerala government and the Central government have suggested for online classes instead of regular classes in the field of education. From the month of June onwards, it started in every schools irrespective of their syllabus (state, CBSE, ICSE). Many of the exams were also conducted in online modes.

If we think about the advantages of online classes, one among them is the use of virtual platform for the conduction of various exams, competitions etc. Thereby, we can reduce the expenses of travelling to the spot for such activities. Along with it, time management is also taken into consideration because, we can conduct various classes or programmes even in holidays and late nights.

Then, the students got an opportunity to understand more with the science and technology affairs and thereby they can increase their potential in the fields. Some courts have held that there is no need to pay this much of huge amount as school fees to the school authorities during online classes. It also created an economic support or advantage to their families. New educational methods like presentation of PPT, videos, webinars, group discussion etc are also enhanced during the period of online classes. New applications were also came into existence.

So, it’s the time to look at the cons of the online classes. The first one among them is related to health issues because, online classes have created so many health problems to both the students and teacher categories. Head ache,back pain, eye defects etc are some among the list of the diseases. Continuous hours of classes are also created laziness and boredom in children and their mental health is also affected as a result of this. Depression is increased among in these categories of people. It also adversely affected the physical health of children. Obesity is an example for it. Disease resistance capacity is also affected by this and they have moved into a small enclosure from the big hands of the world.

Along with the prons and cons, there are so many challenges to online classes. Network issues, poor family background to buy adequate gadgets for each children, lack of internet facilities etc are some among them. During this period also many of the schools have collected high fees from students and the Court have held to stop it. But, still it is continuing and unemployment of parents is also taken into consideration.


Every coin have two sides. Thus, this also has two sides. They are the prons and cons of online classes. If we use it for the betterment of future generation, then it will be a good mark to their science and technology skills.

Aishwarya Says:

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