The Ukrainians have two hundred thousand odd active military personnel. The Russians have more than nine hundred thousand. Same with reserve forces, the Russians have more than twice over.

Artillery : Ukraine – 2000; Russia – seven and a half thousand

Armoured vehicles : Ukraine – twelve thousand; Russia – thirty thousand

Tanks : Ukraine – Twenty five hundred; Russia – twelve thousand four hundred

Attack aircraft ; 98 for Ukraine; 1500 for the Russians

Six billion dollars is the Defense budget of Ukraine; 61 billion dollars is Russia’s defense budget.

So on its own Ukraine is no match for the Russians but that’s not stopping these people from preparing for any eventuality. This is one of the groups of the reserve forces, the territorial defense forces which are training for battle. They will be an auxiliary force to back up the infantry and the Ukrainian defense ministry announced that they are actively recruiting in these forces and they are looking to  spread them across 25 regions, 150 battalions is what they’re working on, with the more than 600 troops in each battalion and they’re getting war ready. Russia and Ukraine are the two largest countries in Europe. The neighbors were once part of the 15 soviet republics which made up the USSR. In 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became an independent nation and distanced itself from Russia. Since then it has grown into a potent military force with the second largest military in the region and second only to the Russian armed forces. But how capable are Ukraine’s armed forces to tackle Russia in case of an invasion. Here’s a head-to-head comparison. According to the 2022 global firepower Index, Russia has a military spending of 61.7 billion dollars that’s 11.4 percent of its total government spending. In comparison Ukraine was spending 5.9 billion dollars on its armed forces which equals to 8.8 of the Ukrainian government’s entire spending. If we speak of military manpower, Russia has 900 000 active personnel; Ukraine has 209 thousand. Russia has two million reserve personnel; Ukraine has nine hundred thousand. If you speak of artillery or heavy military ranged weapons, Russia has 7571 whereas Ukraine has only 2040. Next we have armoured vehicles which combine operational mobility with offensive and defensive capabilities. Russia has 30122 armoured vehicles; Ukraine has 12303. When it comes to tanks, the primary offensive weapon of any army, Russia once again has the edge. It has over 12420 tanks compared to 2596 tanks in Ukraine’s arsenal. When it comes to attack helicopters, Russia has 545 of them whereas Ukraine has just 34. And lastly speaking of fighter aircraft, the most potent weapon in air-to-air combat, Russia again outranks Ukraine. It has over 1500 fighter aircraft; Ukraine has just 98. Russia outweighs Ukraine in almost every aspect. This may give an impression of an impending Ukrainian defeat in case of a War but that may not exactly be the case. A number of countries are arming Ukraine to prevent the conflict from spilling over. This includes Estonia which has sent javelin anti-tank missiles to Ukraine. Latvia and Lithuania who’ve sent stinger anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine. The UK which has sent 2000 anti-tank weapons and the U.S which is deploying 3000 troops in eastern Europe to bolster Ukraine. To put it simply in case of a war Ukraine may not be as vulnerable as the numbers indicate.

Aishwarya Says:

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