For metro standardization, the impacts will be such that currently two metro range systems operate in the country based on gauge and with multiple rolling stock vendors. Standardization would help in lowering the cost and exports.

With the expansion of ECLGS, an early report by the economist from SBI highlighted how the scheme had prevented lacks of MSMEs from being downgraded to non-performing assets because government was helping through the expansion of emergency credit. Nal Se Jal Scheme by providing more infrastructure to provide tapped water, it will give capex push that means capital expenditure push, more employment, more spending on infrastructure is always in the capex and it is a concerted rural focus so rural economy is also in the mind.

Digital currency: when official digital currency will be launched this takes forwards the government’s idea of digital intrusion and this will also be regulated by the RBI so accountability will also be there and not a lot of fluctuation will be there as it is there in the cryptocurrency.

The expansion of highways networks and building of new expressways is likely to help connect smaller towns around metro city in a more efficient manner and this will take off the loads on resources and distribute it more evenly. It will help congestion around urban centres.

The battery swapping policy to mitigate concerns over space crunch for expanding electric vehicle infrastructure. Make electric vehicles more viable and low range anxiety for lower the range anxiety for buyers.

Choice over power distribution companies:

The government is aiming to reform the sector of power distribution often described as the weak link in India’s power sector through competition.

The centre had earlier actually announced intentions to introduce an amendment to the electricity act to de-license the power distribution sector but had not introduced the bill in earlier sessions after it faced an opposition from the state governments.

The provision will actually, offer choice to consumers in the distribution sector, eventually aimed at giving consumers more choice in picking the utility of their choice among multiple service providers.

Expansion of PLI scheme:

With respect to production linked incentive scheme this is a step in the direction of achieving 280 gigawatt of installed solar capacity by 2030 because more incentives will be given to manufacturer of equipments with related to clean energy.

Increase in Capital expenditure:

The government believes public investment will be necessary to support private investment because that is of course needed in the hand-holding stage and creating demands.

If we talk about the impact on Parvat Mala, this will ease transport link congestion in hilly areas and push tourism.

Digital currency:

With respect to digital currency, introduction of central bank digital currency will boost digital economy and laid on a solid plan of the government to have a public digital currency. There was a much needed clarity to the investors in various cryptocurrencies and earlier the government had also announced the introduction of a digital rupee based on blockchain technology.

Natural gas:

It is the changes and the digital base for natural gas is aimed at addressing concerns of bias in allocation of gas and of gas transportation capacity by players such as GAIL involved in the transportation of natural gas.

If we talk about challenges with respect to zero budget natural farming, if it wants to give a boost it is sounding nice, but the problem is whether these will be adopted by farmers on the ground. Low yields and no premium realization on organic produce will be a deterrent for farmers and also, we will need to see whether the focus of natural farming is going to be a prelude to rationalization of subsidies in urea another chemical fertilizers.

Over 5g, there are several issues that would need to be considered. First is the price of spectrum. There will be repeated demands that have been repeated once to reconsider the pricing of spectrum lowering the base price. Questions have also been raised whether private players have the financial muscle to place exorbitant bids.

The challenges are that there has been no discussion over MSP which has been at one of the sides at the core of protest since a long period of time. There were no mentions of MGNREGA which supported lacks and lacks of rural workers when pandemic hit the economy and all the other work was not working.

Aishwarya Says:

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