The book which inspired me

You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read. It was books that taught me that the things that tormented me most were the very things that connected me with all the people who were alive ,who had ever been alive.”

– James Baldwin

Each and every human being has some kind of connection or there is always an invisible thread that connects one another. If you take laziness to count , then you will see everyone has them . Some people are too lazy that they just don’t have any interest for any thing. To them if you ask to read a book ,they might ask you to float yourself up. Reading is a task for those who cannot connect with the words of the author. But if one is able to connect yourself with them, then you will see a different world which is filled with wonders. Some books take you through a journey which you have never been , that journey might transform you to something which you never thought you might. Some books help to realize certain things which you never thought would find answers to. You know , we all have questioning tendency when we were child ,the urge to know everything . Once that has stopped we stopped growing . You might be stuck in your life were you don’t get satisfactory answers to your questions . Your soul might loose its peace when you don’t have them . A right book could change all of them .I had such a experience . A book actually changed my life.

Sitting in hostel room for days alone made myself depend on electronics which in time made me weak . A thought struck my mind to visit a bookstore to grab any book . Actually that was the best decision I made . I went to the bookstore without having any idea what I must get . Moving my fingers across the books a book caught my sight. I read the name “Buried Thoughts ” . It seemed to be so familiar name but I couldn’t recollect from where I knew them. I took that book looking for the author’s name saw them, ‘Joseph Annamkutty Jose’ . Yes now I get it , it was the motivator which I use to watch through youtube .

Few months before , had to face something like you could call it as depression . Still now turning back to those days, I have got only few memories because I am not able to recollect my memory of that period , it all seemed to fade. The only thing I remember would be tears that rolled over my cheeks and the heart broken pain ,frustration, tiredness for everything , no interest to mingle with people so on. It was like I was punishing myself without forgiving me . It was the hardest time of my life . To find peace I use to watch certain people’s motivational videos , read as much as things possible to know about Buddhism , the only thing I wanted was peace . The most common videos which I had seen were of Joseph Annamkutty Jose motivational videos. His words use to heal my soul even if that was not for a long period.

Getting that same person’s book made me the urge to read it . This is the book that changed me , gave me life ,helped me step out of what I was going through ,gave all the answers to the questions I had in me. Reading them make us realize how beautifully he has portrayed his stories, his experiences ,his mistakes. It was all his stories , some chapters were like making gratitude for the people he had in his life. While reading we can understand ,even the smallest thing which might go unnoticed were noticed by him and the way he took them, that taught him , changed him all are well said . We can connect ourselves with him. The situations that has passed were for a reason which describes with mainly two things , Hope and Forgiveness . Yes forgiveness ,that was the thing I was lacking , I couldn’t forgive myself , which put me in such a situation . And Hope was lost for me . This book gave me these two and a solution to the problem I faced for a long period of ten months.

His book said his childhood memories and the experiences which he had in his life . Every chapter were new which had a deep connection with him. Finishing that book made me a writer . I started a blog sharing my small experiences I had , the pain I travelled with . Now if you are reading this , its because of this book that always boost me to share my thoughts connecting with my experience. Everyone of us love to hear stories and we do can read books lovingly , just that you haven’t found your book. Tastes ,interests all differ from one person to another . Your soul might need something else ,so find your book and definitely that will help you to find answers to the questions no one could have given for you . You need to have those special skills and talent to have the patience and understanding to read those words written down for you from somewhere in this land. Make those words live through you . There is always a Hidden truth waiting for you .

” If you don’t like to read ,you haven’t found the right book.”

-J.K. Rowling

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