An Emotion

” The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with heart.”
                                         – Helen keller

Our lives are filled with emotions and feelings. Every living creature has feelings and that’s how we all are been created. We as humans, has pain to share,  feelings to  express, anger to be understandable, moreover tears to shed. At times situations make us believe that if  she has understood my anger I would have never lost her. The same way if he has understood my tears then I would have never lost him.
       Understanding and that’s what lacking between us. How can one understands the other,when there is Ego to take them .
       Anger, the dangerous weapon to kill any relationship. When we are angry, we are not our real selves, we are someone else and with anger we do something which we are not aware of. The angry person’s feeling is the same feeling as that of a person who is at the end of vomiting. The relief he gets when he vomits will be the same feel for the person who gets angry. Just that both of them had to look for the surrounding before acting. If it is between a crowd, then the person holding that person’s vomit might get irritated.
        The words that you say or the action that you act upon might be forgotten by you the next day. But the person who has suffered it might not. Those words and actions by you which hurted them might carry to there life forever. What if they don’t have the capacity like you to leave for such matters behind.
      Every individual watch you, observe you and judge you even your tiny little act. Every person’s life is a story to be lernt and in their story do you want to be a villain or someone to whom they respect and value so much. It is not possible to be an angel in everyone’s eye but it’s possible that you don’t cheat yourself.
         When I was in Saudi studying at IISD, I got a friend named Hannah Merin. She was new to our school in 9th. With me and bincy she sat and the only person she had company was us. When I talk about her I got no words to describe her because she is a person like I have never seen before. The most polite girl I have ever met. She had the kindest of the heart and she always had that Godly hand who gave for us in our troubled times.
      She knew every little notty things we both had did together. When ever I goes mentally down I approach her to heal me and to get back myself. Truly saying I had only contacted her whenever I am hurt. I literally feel annoyed for such an attitude from my part. Still without any hesitation she was there with her understanding and relieving words. When I asked whether she got anger just because I approached her only in pain her reply was, ‘In pain you remembered me, at the time when you fell down you felt my presence would rise you up and that’s the best gift I can ever have.’
Maybe because of such understanding people around us we are surviving . I can never ever forget her and not remembering her without respect because when I thought no one could be by my side , no one might heal me she was there . When I get angry on anyone, she was always there to calm myself and make me understand that person’s situation . She taught me how should one be an understanding person. How should one be a healing soul. She was a person who was surrounded with books and the only thing she loved was words. To my knowledge she has never hurted anyone not even with her look. She was a silent natured girl. For her only laughs would get louder than her voice. The way she described her pain was through poems.
       When I was decided to take Tc in 11th to join back here in india and later changed those decisions, she was the only person who had not shed any tears in my separation. I wondered and had asked her whether she dint love me enough to not shed any tear for me. But what she did was, for us we might cry or get angry and get the pain out without longing it but for her it was that she had the pain clubbed in her heart and poured down in the form of a beautiful poem. She wrote them,she wrote a poem for me about my presence in her life.
      Every individual express there emotions differently. It may not be like you expect it to be. However they  should be accepted as it is. ‘I think it is very important to know about one’s roots and how one grew up as a person.’ These lines from the book  ‘Buried Thoughts ‘ get to be so true. We don’t know about one’s background and we judge them. We don’t know about there struggles and we haras them. Even if you say them your stories they might not understand it unless they have gone through such pain until then those might just be a story.
       I am a person who can’t hold on with pain. Just like when clouds can’t hold any longer with the content and sheds as rain,the same way I cannot hold on for long. I shed tears so heavily and that’s the way I make myself get weightless. The heavy heart turns out to be free from all unwanted pressure. That’s the way I recharge and refresh myself . And it was her who taught me crying is not a fault if that helps you to recharge you. And being angry is not a fault if both of them understands the situation. That’s when a human touch healedme my pain.
         In courts we got human judges and not machines to detect to find out the culprit. Do you think in a fast developing world we cannot create a machine which can be filled with laws so when typing them out the machine can detect it. No, we don’t follow such a method and that cannot happen because we need a human touch in it. The person who gives judgments should feel for our emotions and should understand the situation and for that only a human can do them.
       We are humans and we must understand it. Just like you even I have got pain, just like you even I have got anger and everyone should understand each other.
       To understand one, you need patience. You need to listen to them not just hear. The time that you give anyone should be a valuable time and not just time. If the other person talk so much and you don’t listen to it and makes them repeat again with the matters, what’s the point in making time for them. It’s like for name sake you are providing time and that’s what is not needed by one. Even if it’s two minutes make it a mark. Because those two minutes are valuable and might turn to be a momentary time.
        We all might wish not hurt one, we think it’s better to be silent than to cause any hatred or to say words that would hurt others. Yes, be silent when you are angry. Be silent to avoid a violence. Be silent when your words are of no point when explained. Not when one wishes to hear you up. Not when one wants to hear your voice when you be silent to them. Having a person to hear you is a blessing. Some might leave you not even giving a chance to hear your part.
      It’s never a mistake to think to be silent just because you dint want to hurt that person and it’s never a mistake because you got hurt by there silence, the only cause that happened between was lack of understanding. Try to see them through there eyes. What they are and how they are. There pains, sorrow, anger all you might understand when you see and feel it the way they see it.
        Life is just one’s, love your maximum and see to much  you can spread your love to. Love causes hurt and hurt can only be healed by love. You might hate one, you might not be happy in their surrounding, try not to cause harm from your part and notice one thing if it’s in your hands to help them then do it. Causing harm to them the way they does to you would be of no change of you from them. Never betray anyone or use anyone in the name of Love. The best revenge is Love. It’s not when you say u love them the love is proved, it’s when you understand them and value them, your love turns to be in action. Understand and value one another, that’s what we all are lacking of. Be one and let peace be with us.

‘The emotion that can break your heart is sometimes the very one that heals it.’
                                   – Nicholas sparks

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