A Stranger

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them look backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something —your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down and it has made all the difference in my life.
                                             – Steve jobs

    Life has this strange way of bringing people to our life in unexpected times. Mostly, they will have a key role to play in our life and they would leave us once the mission is completed. Sometimes, they are brought into our life for us to play a key role in their lives. It was such a day when I met a stranger or maybe a number of strangers.

  ‘ Suddenly a pop up sound comes from my phone. Takes the phone to have a look at what’s the new message that came at this time.’
    I was at my hostel back in thodupuzha and we were busy chitchating in our room, in between this, message came which that actually gave me a new experience to my life.
    I opened the text and had a look, it was from Akashya who send me a picture from the top floor of my hostel. I viewed the Pic send by her. The first word that struck my eyes was  ‘Desafio pride’, desafio is a Brazilian Portuguese word meaning Challenge.
      It was a chart of competitions that is going to take place the next day at T.M.Jacob Memorial Government college Manimalakkunnu koothattukulam. And there was number of items specified each with specific fonts and its rules. While going through them my eyes struck to something which was written on the top right side, it said ‘RJ Hunt’ express on air. Had seen so many of such competitions as it was usual for colleges to conduct them to give chances for students to express their talents out, but this was something new.
       I showed the message that came to everyone out there surrounding me and asked everyone to get this chance utilized. Under her text there was one more thing specified that ‘hey we will go for it Okey, and take part in tressure hunt’, that was the thing explained to me. Well, I was always ready to get into new matters for engaging myself to gain new experiences. I agreed and tried everyone to get for it. Informed parents and they too had a supportive mind and was all prepared myself to go for this to get in the RJ contest. Well I always liked to be an RJ and wanted to try what or how is this process.
     I gave my word to them promising I would be there but there answer was ‘well its a doubt and not sure will inform about it in the morning.’ I requested many to get in it as it was a good chance to get on it and I really wanted to give a try.
     Sharp at 6’o clock my alarm rang. I woke up and called everyone and asked about the plan to go and it has about one hour travel and must reach there before the registration stops. Half of the group dropped of going  and the other half went through many calls and finally gave the answer that ‘since we don’t know the place and majority is not willing to go well, we are also not going’.
Actually that response from everyone broke me because I literally wanted to go and no one is willing to come, how I am gonna leave and it was 100% sure that even my parents won’t let me to leave all by myself. Thought to drop it but the urge to go for it was disturbing myself with a strong pain inside. Not even bothering about the time in saudi I called my dad to inform this. Well, expecting from him to hear to drop this plan my ears were open and gave a half heart to accept whatever he says. But shockingly his response was the opposite. First place he got angry of no one stuck to the word they gave and then he reacted by saying, ‘If they are not willing to come then leave them, you have taken a decision and it doesn’t have to depend on anyone. You must stick to your decisions even if no one stands by. Have I ever changed the decision I took, even if there is loss stick to them never depend or change it for others. If you will to do it then do them at any cost. ‘ Hearing this I was shocked and had a big smile in my heart. And the question he asked was,’ Do you have  the courage to go all by yourself to this college, then leave at the time you have decided and don’t look for anyone ‘.
      His words gave me strength, and well if though I have traveled all by myself have never been to an unknown place alone before. The only aim for me at that time was to be a part in this contest and not leave that chance.
       I dressed up myself and took a paper and wrote down the places that I must go. The college name, the bus I must take and every small detail. Had my food and asked warden abt the bus I must take and she gave me the instructions to climb to vykom bus so as to leave to koothattukulam. Taking blessings from them and informing others I left to the Ksrtc stand.
        By seeing the board vykom, climbed in and took a window seat just after the door as it might make me see the place where to get down. Sitting there texting parents about each step I took and wondering what foolishness I might be doing, how am I gonna take myself to that place, I got no idea, at times felt to burst out for help and wished if someone was there to help me face this.
     When the conductor came in for ticket I asked abt this place and he said yes it goes but must hire another bus to take to the college I am seeking to go. I asked him if possible to say the place when it reaches, well he smiled and said, there will be crowd if possible will do it.
     All broken myself down, as if I was going nowhere and don’t know where it leads, took myself into prayers with my rosary. There was some strength that was there deep within me which gave me the hope and assurance that I will reach there. Seeing the crowd increasing and the people sitting beside me leaving when there stop came and was moving everything smoothly .
      I started to observe the change of places  like everything that I was seeing was new to me and it gave me a fresh feel to travel all myself to a new places. While enjoying the cool breeze I noticed a young lady sitting beside me. Thought to interact with her but I was sacred and never tried to interact to strangers before. Being an introvert the question of what if I talk wrong or cause issues feared me from doing. With all my strength I looked at her and smiled and asked where was she going. She responded in the same way and said the place where I had to take. Conductor hearing this came to take ticket from her and requested her to show the way where I has to get down. And with a smile she agreed and asked about the detail.
       Half an hour left for the registration to begin and waiting all myself patiently hoping to reach there soon. The lady beside me called me and said ‘here we have to get down‘ . I kept everything inside and was ready to get down. She showed me a stop and said to ‘wait here for the next bus that’s an Ernakulam bus and you need to take them. Take ticket to ‘ College padi’ and there will be the college you are looking for‘. Well I thanked her from all my heart and followed her instructions. I wondered I never new her before and how kindly she helped me. Even though it just took a few moment to explain about this to me for me it was a relief for the pain I was suffering all this time.
     As per her instructions the bus came and climbed on it. Took the ticket to the place she informed and stood there. It was a bit crowded and got a seat behind the driver seat. Sat there wondering what is the next thing I need to do. A lady sitting beside me smiled at me and asked where was I leaving to and I mentioned about this college and the purpose. And requested her to help me to point to the stop where I had to get down. With pleasure she helped me and I followed her instructions.
     Getting down and the bus leaving I found the big arch specified with the college name. ‘T. M Jacob memorial’.
Seeing that gave me a glow in my heart yes I did it , thanking God I took my way to the college.
      It was a silent place as could see no one around and could hear the birds chirping and cool wind blowing over my face felt a kind of positivity in me. I reached the college and found no one. Sharp to the time which the registration begins. But found no one. Seeing around the college I found two boys coming in a bike and parking in the parking lot. Wished atleast they belong here. Wondered and checked for the date if I was taken here on right date. Looked for the year specifically as is it the same year. Waiting outside thinking about the journey  made me wonder, how did I reach here, who were the one who helped me, I could only believe that it was God all by himself came to me through different people to help me up. And I believed if there is a will then there is a way, it all depends on our attitude.
      Me and the two boys out here standing as if we had no idea what to do next. After few minutes could see a group of girls running to us saying sorry for the delay and explaining they were on the other side of the college. With smile they welcomed us to a class room and to settle ourselves down. It was just three of us who came and asked about our college. Well they too were from thodupuzha but a not the same college of mine.
       While waiting they called us to register and I did for the one I came for, wished to participate for others too but there should be a team for it and I was all alone so there wasn’t any point for it. Getting the card I send the Pic to dad. He felt happy for the courage I took to do all myself. His appreciation gave me the strength and that is usually my backbone.
        We were invited to the seminar hall and was settled there. Treasure hunt was the first contest so had to wait for my reach. Beside that I met a senior of my college, well even though he was my senior it was the first time I was seeing him. Clearly I don’t even know my own seniors or juniors just the identity of the same college make us all together.
      The room started to fill and everyone there came with a bunch of friends. I dint see anyone all alone. Atleast there was one person accompanied them. Sitting at the back of the seminar hall I went through my rosary hopping to get all this done with happiness in me. I dint want to win this contest but wished to get new experience that makes me happy from heart and even to satisfy myself.
      All busy with each other, found a face that looked at me with a smile. Well I don’t even know him before but showed a smile that had a positivity in him. He wore specs and a chain in his neck. With smile he came close to me and sat. Asked for the contest I am taking in and asked was I alone by myself. I answered to his questions and asked him the same and understood he was from muvattupuzha a second year student. Well I don’t know his name or the course he is doing, well I don’t remember them now, even though he might have said them. I asked him how to take back myself to thodupuzha and he explained them clearly to me. He too had given name for RJ and seeing the tag with me he thought I was working as one. That reply from him felt funny cause I never even seemed to look as a college student and he out there telling me I as an RJ sounded unrealistic. He wished me luck and left as I continued to sit there. I felt happy that he was the first person who came to me and had a talk with. No one even bothered to look at me as if I was invisible. Small time with him relaxed myself to the urge to get the contest begin.

      When we were asked to take the RJ room for the contest, all the ones in list gathered together. Many new faces went through, I kept silent and sat at one corner. Seeing me all Alone one person called me and made sit beside her. She asked my name and from the college and wondered me reaching there all by myself. She congratulated me and gave me the bhoost to do them well. I asked about her, she named herself, Chaithanya doing Pg for journalism. She was a charming girl with a wide smile opened to the one in need. A short haired girl whose look doesn’t seem to be a pg student. She took to be a very good friend and helped me how the process will go and what are the patterns an RJ must need, kinda like a RJ class being taken by her. Her company out there gave me a chance to mingle with so many of them. Sitting beside her gave the confidence to do. And the contest began.
    From the first round few will be selected to the second round. Hearing for her instruction and went all there to speak and not forgetting that I am an RJ right there. After me was her and rest all were done. The way she did was extra special and that sounded to be a real RJ. She corrected my faults and complimented for the goods. I too was selected for the next round and from there reached finals. I thanked her enough for the help and even if I loose in this it never bothered and  I was happy to learn so much that I probably never thought would. She won that competition and I was happy for the winning and she deserved them. After the winning she said that she is even working as a journalist and continuing her studies. I was a happy to see a journalist for the first time and being a friend was my pleasure.
Still we have contact and that journey gave me with so many gains.

       The stranger who helped me in a troubled moment. A stranger who turned to be a friend. A stranger to whom I can never show by thanks as a reward, not knowing the name nor the place of them. Everyone coming to our lives has a role to perform. Some will only take a moment some could take a long period and leave hurting us. But all over, they came to teach us something new and do their role in our life. Sometimes we be in someone else life for a moment not realizing the value of it. Being a helping hand to someone and taking someone’s hand for help makes and builds our life story. Every one of us have certain untold stories which we may not even bothered to remember again.

Everything and everyone being in your life is for a reason. Accept it, learn from it and move forward. We must move forth to meet new strangers who might turn to be our friends that might change our lives forever.

Aishwarya Says:

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