Noise pollution is a kind of pollution that is generated due to man-made activities which creates an imbalance in human or animal life. Noise pollution is described as an unnecessary sound that hinders the normal life of living beings on the earth.


Noise pollution is one of the types of pollution we face daily. Like air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and other types, noise pollution has a major impact on our health. Atmospheric pollution is not the only pollution we go through, but noise pollution can bring destruction to our lives. A person continuously facing noise pollution can start meeting health issues and can be dangerous in the long term. Several unpleasant noise distractions can bring problems later in life. Cities have become noisier with car honking, loudspeakers; traffic, etc. leading to noise pollution. Construction of roads, buildings, apartments and other areas are also resulting in increased noise pollution. The presence of noise pollution has a daily impact on millions of people. The loss caused by noise is the most common health problem caused by noise exposure. Furthermore, loud noise can also lead to health problems such as hypertension, heart disease, sleep disturbances, and stress. All age groups are susceptible to these health problems, especially children. It has been shown that children living near loud airports and busy streets suffer from stress and other problems, such as memory problems, attention difficulties, and difficulties with reading. The crackers on celebrations, parties, and different festivals are a significant source of noise pollution. The sound of loud music, the generator, and some loud machines like a vacuum cleaner, the blender is additionally the source of noise pollution. We have to consider them as well as stop them for the betterment of our health. It affects every age of people, especially kids, old age people, people with heart problems. A noise-free environment will be a great environment and atmosphere for everybody to live in.


Noise pollution is caused by various activities by the humans. The urbanization and modern civilization, and the impact of higher degree of industrialization are the sources of noise pollution. The blowout of noise is because of two different source- industrial and non-industrial. The former one includes noise from big machines, high-speed technologies, etc., whereas, the latter is the noise from electric gadgets at home, transport, traffic etc.


The increase in the noise leads to a decline in the quality of work done by humans. This brings a reduction in the concentration levels of humans. Temporary deafness, psychological issues, and coronary defects are the effects in humans and other living organisms. The old building and historical monuments are also affected by the noise. Plants are also affected by the increase in noise.


Higher levels of noise are hazardous and it is also difficult to make them escape in a closed environment. The increased levels of noise pollution in the environment have made it an urgent need to create awareness about the causes, effects, and prevention of noise pollution. The higher level of noise should be reduced at home and also at a workplace. People should be educated about the hazards of noise pollution. Let’s all make it our responsibility to prevent the environment from further noise pollution and make the earth a better place to live in.


Aishwarya Says:

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