India is a land of contradictions. All our scriptures hail women as goddesses. Every virgin is considered as an incarnation of Durga or Laxmi or Saraswati. But this is only one side of the story. The other story regarding the girl child puts our heads in shame. More than 15 million foetuses are aborted every year. All this is done not to have a girl child in the family.


Even in the 21st century, we have an old and outdated mindset and ideas. Ours is still a monstrously male-dominated society. The parents and the families are not ready to take the birth of a girl child as a normal happy occasion. A girl child is considered an additional burden on the family. Obsession for a son takes root from age-long outdated views and myths. It is purely a myth that one can’t attain `moksha’ or ‘liberation’ without a male child—the son. Simply ridiculous! Girls have excelled in all walks of life. They have proved their superiority as teachers, doctors, engineers, police officers and businessmen. What a man can do, a woman can do still better. In such a situation, the very idea of female foeticide seems immoral, perverted and inhuman. Unfortunately, prosperous states like Haryana and Punjab have shamed themselves as the leading states in female foeticide in the country. The girl-child sex-ratio has seen alarming trends. This evil has to be rooted out. Exemplary punishments must be given to those who indulge in such inhuman practices. Moreover, a sustained effort must be made by the government and voluntary bodies to change the mindset of the people. Such an inhuman and barbaric practice must have no place in our civilised society. Female foeticide is the procedure of abortion to terminate female fetus from the womb of the mother before taking birth after the sex recognition tests like an ultrasound scan. Female foeticide and even any sex recognition test is illegal in India. It is the shame for the parents who are despairing for a baby boy as well as doctors doing abortions especially for this.


1.) Generally, parents don’t want a girl baby because they have to give a big amount as a dowry at daughter’s marriage.

2.) There is a faith that girls are always consumer and boys are the only producer. Thus Parents understand that son will earn money for the whole life and care their parents however girls will get married a day and will have a separate family.

3.) There is a belief that the son will carry the name of the family in future however the girl has to carry the husband’s family.

4.) This is a prestige issue in society for parent and grandparent to have a boy baby in the family besides having a daughter.

5.) There is a stress on the new bride of the family to give birth to a male child so she is enforced to go for sex recognition and abort if girl baby.

6.) Illiteracy, insecurity, and poverty of people in society are also major reasons for girl baby burden.

7.) Science and Technological advancement and utilities have made this very easy task for parents.


1.) Law must be implemented and one should be surely punished if found guilty for this unkind exercise.

2.) Permanent cancellation of license should be done if it is going on in medical practice.

3.) Marketing of medical tools specifically for illegal sex determination and abortion should be a bane.

4.) Parents must be fined who want to kill their girl baby.

5.) Campaigns and seminars should be regularly held to aware of young couples.

6.) Women should be aware so that they can be more attentive to their rights.


Forthcoming is the name of your girl child, past is the name of your mother. This is the reality that NO PRESENT, NO PAST, NO FUTURE WITHOUT GIRL CHILD. Female foeticide is suicide. So, save the girl child and secure the future. There will be the dangerous results of the female foeticide. Demography reports warn India that in the next twenty years there will be a scarcity of brides in the marriage market mostly because of the adverse sex ratio. we must respect the daughters of our country. Also, they must be given the same priority as their sons. Girls do not have access to education, healthcare and more as the boys do. This is why parents consider them a burden. Therefore, all these facilities must be made accessible to them for the same. This will help them create an identity of their own.


170. Short Essay and Article on : Female Foeticide —A Cause for Concern

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