Everybody thinks that only stealing someone’s private data is Cyber Crime.but cyber crime is for stealing someone’s data or trying to harm them using a computer. Besides, it is an illegal activity that involves a series of issues ranging from theft to using your system or IP address as a tool for committing a crime.


In this Age of Technology and easy access to the internet, anyone can easily reach it. Because of this fast pace growth from the previous decade. Besides, the internet has opened a world of information on which anyone can connect. Due to, this the rate of crime especially the rate of Cyber Crime has increased much fold. Moreover, the rate of circulation of data is also increased much fold due to the higher speed of internet. Above all, due to all these issues, the Cybersecurity has become a major concern for society. Cybercrime is a dangerous attack a company or an individual may face. There are many cases where the cyber attack has brought massive loss to the company and individuals due to the data hack. We live in a technology-driven era, and every piece of information is now fed on computers. Cybercrime involves an attack on computers and digital devices. These cyber-attacks can prove hazardous not just for the organization, but also for the nation. To date, there are many digital attack cases in India and global, pushing for more security measures. These attacks are also affecting the economy of the country if not controlled in the initial stage.


1.) Individual

2.) Property

3.) Government


This is the form of cyber stalking, trafficking, and grooming. Over the years, This type of cybercrime has been taken seriously by law enforcement agencies. It is now keeping a track over every such attack on an individual.


Similar to the real world where criminals steal the property, in the cyber world,attackers steal data. Here, the attacker steals a person’s bank details and misuse the credit card for online purchase. By using malicious software, the attacker attacks the property to disrupt the system of the organization.


These types of crimes are denoted as cyber terrorism. This can be a terror because the attacker can get hold of essential documents related to government projects. An enemy nation or terrorist usually makes such attacks. There are many cases globally where a terrorist hacks government data.

Apart from these, there is a financial crime where the hacker steals the money of theuser account holder. Moreover, they steal company data and finance.


In this type, the computer system of the person is hacked to get personal information. In many countries, including India, hacking is a punishable act.It is quite different from ethical hacking. In normal hacking, illegal use different types of software to enter the system of the target person. Hacker is then able to monitor every activity done by the person.


This Cybercrime is about violating copyright and downloading music or movies. In India, many movies before their releases are leaked on the movie download sites. In other words, theft is also called privacy, which can bring a huge loss to the organization.

Cyber Stalking

It is online harassment by an individual or a group of people. Normally, these stalkers target an individual and harass online. There are many cases of cyberstalking in India, resulting in the target person ending up taking self-life.

Malicious Software

These are computer-based cybercrimes where virus-based software is installed in the target people or organization computers. This is to damage the system and corrupt the data of the target.


Cybercrime is a significant threat that can bring huge loss to the individual and the organization. It is essential to follow basic online rules to ensure the safety of self and the organization.


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