Statue Of Equality

Recently our P.M has inaugurated the ‘Statue Of Equality’ in Hyderabad. It become the world’s second tallest statue in seated position with 216 feet. This article focuses on some basic information and interesting facts about the statue .

Do you guys know that which saint’s statue is named as ‘Statue of Equality’ ? And why this saint’s statue called so ?

It is the statue of Vaishnavite saint Sri Ramanujacharya who was born in 1017 in the present tamil nadu (then under chola kingdom). He was the propagator of the philosophy ‘ Vishishtadwaitha ‘ which means qualified monism . He fought against the caste barriers then prevailed and had a great vision of equality . That’s why the trust (which build the statue ) named the structure the ‘Statue of Equality’ .

Now let’s discuss some material facts about the statue.

  • The statue is 216 feet tall and made up of panchaloha (an alloy of gold, silver, copper, brass and tin/lead).
  • It is located at Sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy ashram in Muchintal village near Hyderabad International Airport .
  • Constructed by Aerosun Corporation in China it was shipped to India through chennai port .
  • P.M Modi unveiled the statue on February 5 and President Ram Nath Kovind unveiled the smaller golden statue in base building on February 13 .
  • A vedic digital library, research centre, ancient Indian texts, theatre and a gallery contains the works of Ramanuja can be see at base building .

Let’s conclude the article with the words of Swami Ramanujacharya

To alleviate the misery of others, I don’t mind facing the throes of Hell.’
‘All are eligible to enter a temple. The Creator showed no partiality, nor should we.’
‘All are equally qualified to chant the name of God.’
‘All are equal in the eyes of God.’

-Sri Swami Ramanujacharya

In the modern world which posses modern and traditional inequalities together let’s work for a world of equality . All Are Equal


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