What we have to do in 5 year’s law course for success :-.

INTRODUCTION :-. As a law student , I felt in my law course that law is not easy but also not much difficult . Many of the students comes from that family which have not any law background so law is unknown for them . But it’s ok if you have not any law background and any legal knowledge before entering into the law college then it’s not create a problem if you have disciplines , patience , hardwork then anyone can success in the law career . During law course we only not to complete the course but we also need to do extra curricular activities like -. Internship , moot court , webinars etc. Law not needs only theoretical knowledge but this also needs to practical knowledge as well . During this course we have to develop our personality as an law professional . We need to develop our communication skill as well .

What and when we have to do ?

When we enter into the law college then most of the students does not know anything about the law because of they may be came from science stream or any other streams . My story also like this when I entered into the law college then I did not know anything about the law because of I came from the science stream so law was unknown for me and I hesitated more in first time of my college . But this is true that if you hardworking and studious students then you can possible anything . So this is also happened with me because of I was hardworking students from school life so I have not suffer more problems in law college . I want to share my experience of my law course .

1. When you come into the law course then don’t jump directly on the internship because of when you enter then you are totally unknown about the law then when you enter then keep patience and try to understand the basic laws like Constitution , IPC , like this subject . Because of once you understand the theoretical parts of the law then you can apply the law in practical forms very easiest ways . When you feel that yes we are able to understand the law then we have to start the internship because of law course subjects also very wast so there is need to makes good results in your course . So in this course we have to make ourselves as a multitasking person .

2. Another thing that we have to need to do moot court . And moot court is very hard so we have to do moot court when you have sufficient knowledge about the law . If we do moot court then it’s inhanced our research skills , analytical skill , communication skill , reading skills. So we must be do moot court during our course .

3. During our course you need to disciplines because of if you disciplined then it’s inhanced our personality .

4. In this we have to also make our patience maintain . Because of law needs to your patience more because of there is long course of law 3 to 5 year’s . Then without patience anyone can’t success in the law course . There is 5 year’s in law course so we have sufficient time inhanced our skills and knowledge and inhance personality because of this will help to us after completing the law and reach out in next steps . So it’s depends on us how we use this golden time if you misuse this time then after completing the course you will meaningless but if you use and efforts in this golden time then you will bright after completing your course .

5. As a student’s and wants to succeed in your life then there is need to far from that person who loose your confidence and also far from love affairs because of it only destroy your golden time of your study .

In last I want to say that law is very interested but you will feel when you enjoyed this by your soul because of it needs your hardwork , passion , self consistent , confidence , etc. So we have to focus on our study because of we have to do something amazing in law career .

Aishwarya Says:

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