To Know The Strength of India

Introduction :-.

India is one of the strongest countries of the world . Article 1 in the Constitution States that India , that is Bharat , shall be a union of states . India is most powerful country from ancient era because of India was named golden bird was because of its abundant raw materials and availability of precious stones. Gold was first found in the land of India.

There are several things which inhanced the strength of India which are like that.

1. India is popular for its traditional and cultural activities . Indian culture is complex in nature and with diversity and their custom we live with unity. Indian culture is very rich and diverse and teaches us to be tolerant to others . Indian culture shows us evidences of development of values in life by training and experience. It’s culture and tradition are famous in worldwide level .

2. India has so many historical places and monuments , on there is huge crowd of tourists from the foreign countries . There is some famous monuments like Taj Mahal ( it is comes under the wonder of countries ) , Red Fort , Sanchi Stupa , Qutb Minar , Hawa Mahal , Sun Temple , Golconda fort , India Gate , statue of Unity , Lotus Temple etc most of like this . And these monuments are the image of our India and this creates more employment and economic benefits to the government .

3. India has growing defence power . India’s defence comprises Army , Naval , Air Force . The Indian Navy is the fifth largest navy in the world . The Navy played a crucial role in India’s victory in the 1971 war with Pakistan and also plays a key role in securing India and its Interest in Indian Ocean . The Indian Army is arguably the backbone of the Indian armed forces . Who guard India’s border . The Indian army is the third strongest in the world . The Indian Air Force is the air arm of the Indian armed forces . It has fourth ranks in the world.

4. Youth are not only the future of a nation but also partners of today . The youth have to be guided in a proper manner so as to shape India’s path towards becoming a superpower . India is ranked 122nd in the 2020 Global Youth Development Index . There are 65% population of youth in india .

5. India has a strongest and longest Constitution in the world , And India’s Constitution is written . Everything is written in the Constitution that how country and government will move .

6. India has World largest democracy in the world where the government choosen by the people .

7. India has most agriculture land and agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy . India has 2nd ranks in farm .

8. India is the largest exporter of software services in the world . There are many IT companies in india which plays a important role in the field of technology .

9. India is the six largest space agencies in the world today .

10 . India is a secular country where there are so many religions lived at one place with peace and dignity and brotherhood which inhanced the power of india .

11. There were so many ideal person who born in india and make image at global level .like swami vivekananda , like so many .

Conclusion -.

In last , I find out most strength of the india and we can’t explain in the words so we have to respect our country because of it is only a country which given more rights to its citizens and india is ideals country we can’t find peace and rights anywhere like this .

Aishwarya Says:

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