Haq se Single in Kaksha Gyaravi – review of Zakir Khan’s Videos

I love watching Stand Up Comedy, for a simple reason that it helps to look at things in a different perspective. More than International Stand Up Comedy, I enjoy watching the Indian Stand Up Comedians, because their content is more relatable. I had watched Zakir Khan’s AIB Diwas and loved his performance in the same. He is also otherwise known as Sakhth Launda i.e. someone who does not melt so easily.

I then came across Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare, a small web series, in which he plays the protagonist Ronnie Pathak, who goes on telling the town that his uncle is a Vidhayak. He tries to impress a lot of people and get a lot of his small jobs done in a small town. His Character is relatable and we all can easily identify ourselves with Ronnie Bhaiyya. The two seasons of the said Web- Series are available on Amazon Prime.

Haq se Single and Kaksha Gyarahvi are two single stand up shows by Zakir Khan on Amazon Prime. Haq Se Single, is more about the different relationships he had and how he is still single despite being in multiple relationships in the past and Kaksha Gyarahvi is about his School life and College Life. He comes from a simple humble background and even his stories and content reflect the same.

Haq se Single is a must watch if you want to understand the psychology of men and women, on how different they are, how different their thought processes are and why they mess up in relationships. He makes a statement in Haq Se Single, wherein he says Men did not emotionally evolve since last 400 years because we were away fighting for the safety of our families, we did not get sufficient time to develop emotionally. A strong line, which talks so much about our men. He also pointed out a lot of times, men mess up in a relationship because men tend to over commit and under deliver. Watching Haq Se Single was like listening to that friend, who is the best relationship Guru. I also loved how he explained the difference between being in a committed relationship and one sided relationship. If you really want to understand how to emotionally evolve, this show is a must for you.

In Kaksha Gyarahvi, he talks about his School Life. The journey from studying in an all boys school to joining in a co-ed school in Class 11. The drastic changes that happen in his life. From Teenage hormones to Defining MAchoism, this show does take us back to our school days. During the show, he had mentioned on how one day few students, in his classroom decided to bend the blades of the fan, why and who did it, nobody had an answer. A similar incident had happened in our school, wherein the class partition was broken by a few students. Why and Who did it , it is a mystery even till today. He casually gives such strong messages, like, he mentions on how his mother was constantly asking him on who hit him in the school and his temper was rising because of her constant nagging. He wanted to scream loudly but he did not because only weak men scream and shout at women. He talks about how he was beaten up by a boy, who was the son of a local goon, and his mother got all angry like every Indian Mother and he described her as Chandika. Someone commented on how can his mother become Chandika as he is a Muslim, he immediately replied atleast for the sake of the set let my mother become Chandika because that is the best way to describe her.

The best part about his content is he never abuses anyone. He observes, interprets and then presents. Unlike other comedians, who think using too many cuss words and just abusing people or bringing them down is what is Comedy. In both the shows, we laughed till we cried but also went back with a content heart and an amazing message.

I then loved his presence as a Judge in Comicstaan season 2, wherein he was a judge and a mentor. He is a simple Indore Boy, who minds his own work but also observes you simultaneously.

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  1. Only recently have I come to enjoy Standup Comedy and it’s such a refreshing change from the stupid humour we were once subjected to. I have seen some of Zakir Khan’s short videos and loved them. Will certainly catch up on these.


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