Will peace persist in an anarchic society?

We humans, by virtue of being limited by high emotional intervention in our day to day activities, I firmly believe, shall never be free from war. As the classical realists would say, “The state of war is a perpetual issue” 

I believe, till the time we’re governed by even an iota of something even remotely indicating emotions, “Conflict” is bound to be there regardless of an anarchic system being established or not.

Another highly paradoxical situation arises with regard to an anarchic society and before I delve into that further, I’d like to ask a rhetoric YET pertinent question:

“What defines an anarchic society?” 

Is it the lack of a governing power? What is the scope or jurisdiction thereof? Is anarchy defined by the same laws at a macro and a micro level? 

If yes, how does that answer the paradox of international anarchy being a consequence of internal order? 

Perhaps, it indeed is true. The contention of politics being multidimensional and the fact that one can’t possibly approach or try to understand politics with mundane human attributes. 

So, to get back to whether wars are avoidable in an anarchic society, I respectfully submit quite the contrary. 

War is inevitable till humans are internally possessed by sentiments because, if there will be a lack of fear geographically or on a territorial basis, we humans make something else the basis of our politically charged conflicts such as, “Dharma” 

As an illustration for the point the author is trying to put forth, the Babri Masjid conflict in Ayodhya which has been continuous since 1992, is brought to picture.

Babri Masjid is a mosque in Ayodhya, which was believed by many Hindus was the birth place of the Hindu deity, Ram. The Indian subcontinent having majority of Hindus, caused a stir with regard to this situation and things ever since have been highly dynamic and volatile. 

The need for an intervention of the judicial system, as it did eventually, was integral to maintain the order and peace and not lead to sporadic spiraling down of the situation. 

The author here intends to put forth the point that till the time humans have individual identities and perceptions they will, without a doubt, also form communities. Managing those communities is a pivotal part of sustaining a society that won’t lead to its own doom. 

Thus, an anarchic society, devoid of geographical threats, shall shift the paradigm to communal induced riots which would be a consequence of human identity, wrecking the entire structure we currently identify as mankind. 

Religion, economics, demographic, politics, geography, human sentiments, yada yada are not in isolation from each other. 

Our very purpose of existence revolves around catering to the beliefs of the majority in such highly diverse denominations and the diversity shall perennially persist. 

We are nothing but a product of the limitations we hold due to the complexity of the human mind. 

“Till humans are; conflict is.”

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