Singapore summit- Filling gaps amongst rival nations 

“Successful leaders are the ones who promote peace not war”, said Donald Trump in the historical Singapore summit, a meeting between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and America’s president Donald Trump. Recently in Singapore on 12th June 2018, a historical meeting of the two biggest rivalries of world North Korea and America was held purpose of which was mainly truce. This summit focused on mainly denuclearisation but also lead to many more truces and demands from each side. Trump was asked if he gave all up to North Korea to which he replied he made no deal in loss.

He asked for denuclearisation and Kim agreed to destroy a major missile testing site in North Korea in return of which Trump withdrew U.S. military “war games” with ally South Korea while negotiations between the two countries continue i.e. he would discontinue the U.S. military drills which North Korea considered as a potent threat to them in near future. Trump also casted his decision as a financial consideration, saying the U.S. will save a lot of money by cancelling the drills. Kim also agreed to repatriating US military remains.

As Trump mentioned that many letters and mails reached him requesting the remains of prisoners and U.S. militants, he put forth the request and Kim agreed to it. This act of Kim is against his reputation of not considering human rights as any rights. Thus, Trump though makes a statement that Kim is very talented and intelligent man but when asked about the mentioned image of Kim, said, “they had no talks over human rights. President Donald Trump also confessed that he had planned to place another 300 sanctions on North Korea recently, but he held off because it would be “disrespectful” ahead of the meeting. 

This was a very successful summit but is USA or North Korea id to be thanked for it. Should Trump get a Nobel Peace Prize for it or someone else was the playmaker od this game who deserves more than backstage applauds. Before Singapore summit was held Korean summit. The two nations who technically remained in a state of war, since a peace treaty was never signed at the end of the 1950-53 Korean War, met for a formal truce. Kim Jong-un met Moon Jae-in leader of South Korea on 27 April, in a historic summit which certainly brought about a formal truce and lay the groundwork for a Trump/Kim. Moon has been preparing for engagement with North Korea for most of his career. “The Inter-Korean summit is like the opening move in chess. How you play it sets up the other possible moves that come after it,” said Mintaro Oba, a former US diplomat who worked on North Korea policy. So, the Inter-Korean summit’s significance lies primarily in what atmosphere it creates and what expectations it reinforces heading into the next move, which is the Trump-Kim summit. But why was Moon so interested in the meeting? 

The son of North Korean refugees who fled to the South during the war, Moon forged his political career under progressive president Roh Moo-hyun, who led the country from 2003 to 2008. Roh and his predecessor, Kim Dae-jung, advocated the “sunshine policy” of engaging with North Korea. Moon, the first progressive president to take office since Roh, has vowed to continue those leaders’ efforts to pursue peace on the Korean Peninsula. Allies say the mild-mannered, soft-spoken Moon is willing to play the long game without taking credit, recognising that both Trump and Kim need to walk away with a win. Moon’s role as a mediator came into sharp focus in the past week, after US President Donald Trump cancelled the summit in a letter to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Moon has played a critical role in delivering the positions of each side to the other while encouraging them to speak to each other. “President Moon wants the two leaders together in Singapore. He wants to ensure the success of the summit,” Chun said. “But success depends on how far North Korea is willing to go in denuclearisation, what kind of terms and conditions North Korea will demand, and to what extent Trump is going to accommodate North Korean demands.” said by another US associate.  But yes, indeed there is something in it for Moon or so to say for South Korea. Moon said, “Every effort I am making now is on one hand to improve inter-Korean relations, and on the other hand, to ensure the success of the North Korea-US summit, which is essential to improving inter-Korean relations.”

He further said, “I hope that if the North Korea-US summit is successful, the declaration of the Korean war will be pursued through the trilateral summit.” Moon in short, shot two targets with one arrow them being inter-Korean peace and denuclearisation. Looking at the contribution and efforts of Moon, he should indeed be the recipient of Nobel Peace Prize as is rightly pointed out by Kanti Bajpai, “Moon deserves an award for several reasons. Without his mediation summit could never had happened.” 

He also points out in his editorial in TOI that this summit can be an inspiration for Indo-Pak relations to get healthier. Kanti might not be the only one thinking so. A message from a senior politician, Shehbaz Sharif, in Pakistan said’ “If historic enemies like the US and North Korea can come together to forge a fresh start after months of escalating threats, what is there to stop any other bickering countries in the world from burying their own differences?”.  He also suggested, “the summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore could be a model for new talks with India.”

Shehbaz Sharif, brother of Nawaz Sharif, the former president of Pakistan, who himself tried to resolve the knots tied between these two nations. He though was opposed by many but he yet believed in it and let attended PM Modi’s oath taking ceremony. Yes, indeed, as is also known to Shehbaz that the relations and differences here are a lot different than Kim and Trump. “Between the US and North Korea, it is mainly the nuclear issue — the threat issue posed by DPRK towards the US and its allies,” he said. “While in the India-Pakistan context, it is a complex state matter that involves nuclear and territorial rivalries along with regional dialogue.” Yet, he believes in covering these gaps and cracks and amending our relations. This summit in a way may prove to be helpful for India and Pakistan too. 

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