Needs to improvement in Indian Judiciary


The time has to come to think about many things. One is need for changes in India’s judicial system. The Constitution of India consist of three pillars : the legislature , the executive , and Judiciary . The Indian judiciary is regarded as one of the most important foundation of these three because of it is an independent entity. The justice system in india is a court system . Court has authority to dicide the Disputes .

The hierarchy of court in India like this:

1. The Supreme Court.

2. High court.

3. District Court , or special Tribunal

The supreme court is for country whole , high court for States , District court for district level . As the Indian judiciary playing a vital role in framing the society . And proud of this because of it speaking truth to political authority , defending citizens freedom , mediating center – state tension , providing justice to both rich and poor alike and protecting democracy itself on many momentous occasion .

What needs to improve ?

1. Delayed in justice

2. Case pendency.

3. Lack of female judges.

4. Undertrial accused.

5. Infrastructure problem.

6. Lack of interaction with society.

7. Corruption

8 . Long procedure

9 . Lack of Judicial appointment

Independent judiciary is of great importance for India’s development . But there are some loopholes in the Indian Judicial system ,which needs to improvement .


These are the problems with Indian judiciary . In today’s time there is need to work upon this problem or loopholes . There is need to speedy trial of the cases because of justice delayed is justice denied , this is happen when judges concerned about this . In indian courts crore cases are pending which needs to improve and again this is happen when Bar and Bench will work together upon this .And also need to more appointment of judges of according to our population , number of judges are very less so there is need to appoint the judges by this pending cases would be dicide . If there is more judges then there is more diciding.

And also in our indian judiciary female judges are very less , if we look in Supreme Court then there is 4 sitting judges out of 33 judges presently . And this situation in another courts so there is need to work upon it and increase the female judges because of female judges opinion are very important . Another thing that there is need to reduce the court procedure because of Indian court procedure are very long so due to that many person fear to come court because of they know there is involved huge cost and procedure . Another thing that infrastructure problem is the big problem specially in lower courts there is very poor infrastructure because of there is not available proper court rooms , electricity , internet , security etc so there is need to work upon this . Infrastructure affects the proceedings and court image .

Another thing that corruption there is need to work upon this because of justice is the image of court so we have to save this image there is need to prevent the corruption. There is also need to work upon the public interaction because of if society interact with judges and lawyers then they can explain their problems very easiest way and also judges will know the actual mindset of the society which reflects their dicisions and create more thinking power.


There are Judicial changes desperately needed in our country . As a stable and effective conflict settlement and justice delivery machenism , which is not only essential for social security but also economic prosperity would draw. A fast track court Judiciary must be placed in motion so that crucial proceedings can be submitted to the supreme court without loosing time .


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