“Look at the power of time and human intelligence, few years ago we could not live well in the natural world and now we are going to live in the virtual world very soon”
  – Anuj Jasani

Asia’s first metaverse wedding: Bride, groom’s NFTs drop on GuardianLink.. Woman Claims She Was ‘Virtually’ Gang Raped In Metaverse.. Have you heeded about such news and yet puzzled? You are at right the place and I’m here to enlighten about metaverse.

Second life launched in 2003 was an early version of a metaverse. I guess with being an immersive shared virtual space the idea of a metaverse has been around for some time but it’s real things to recent advances in tech and the backing of tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Nvidia that there’s been this growing interest in building these simulated worlds that model our reality or even go beyond it.

The definition of a metaverse is a persistent shared 3d virtual space linked into the perceived virtual universe so Mark Zuckerberg describes the metaverse as the internet that you are inside rather than just looking at. We will look at some of the key components that will make up this metaverse in the future.

The first one is avatar. They are 3d representations of players and they can literally take any physical characteristic or personality so in the future we will have digital avatars or one avatar for us and these are basically able to seamlessly move between different components. We already have many virtual components like shopping, games, casinos, concerts all of this happening online digitally. In the future the avatar can go from one to the other in a seamless way but at the moment we haven’t got the platforms to bring it all together and create this so we can’t use the same avatar across different platforms. The other thing that a meta verse will enable is having this emergent user behavior so instead of having a narrow range of functionalities like when you play a video game you can only fight someone else, you can’t suddenly decide if you want to know how to take your virtual dog for a walk or you want to climb a mountain and stay instead or go to a concert. So this will happen in the future, more of these things allow us to do anything to move from one to the other.

The other key component is that we have more mature technology to give us this 3D great user experience so what I’m seeing is we get better headsets which are becoming lighter, more immersive, better visuals, better sound, we have faster network and we have this ability to easily create digital twins so if you want to have your house, a building, a car put into the digital world as a digital replica. This is easier than ever. So basically today’s digital world act almost like a mall where every store uses its own currency, its own content, its own id card and in the metaverse digital assets content and data need to carry over from one place to the next.

For example if you buy a virtual Ferrari, in the Ferrari virtual store, you can then drive this car throughout the virtual world in different places in different settings. Let’s look at some real examples that will give you an idea of what the metaverse might look like and for me my first recommendation is to watch the movie ready player one which for me is a great example of what a metaverse looks like. This is based on the novel and is set in 2045 where people basically escape from the real world that is destroyed by climate change, war and poverty and they take refuge in the oasis, a massive online role-playing game and virtual society with its own currency where you can do whatever you want to do and for me this is a glimpse of what the matter was might look like in the future but we have other examples also.

For example the video game Fortnite, in the last few years Fortnite’s CEO Tim sweeney has made it clear that he aims to establish Fortnite as much more than just a game and a good example is that they recently hosted concerts in Fortnite by artists like Travis Scott, Marshmallow and Ariana Grande. Then we have fakebook’s horizon which is this expanded VR world that is currently in beta. Facebook describes horizon as a social experience where you can explore play and create with other in virtual reality and then we have places like Somnium space, a VR world builder platform that supports virtual real estate trading and ownership. It is built on blockchain architecture, and it has its own in-app currency called Sonium cubes that can be used to purchase properties.

Then we have IMVU, a large avatar-based 3d social networks where users can interact with friends, shop, hang out at gatherings and earn real money by creating virtual products. For example the platform’s 7 million plus users spent an average of 55 minutes a day on the side so I hope this gives you a glimpse into the future of the metaverse. However, we will need new protocols technologies and innovations along the way to make it happen so there won’t just simply be a flicking of the switch moment where the metaverse explodes into existence instead what the metaverse will likely emerge over time as different products and services develop and connect with each other.

Aishwarya Says:

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