Need of legislation in reduction of gender pay gap


Unless a pay disparity can be substantiated, men and women in the same workplace performing equivalent labor must be paid equally. Equal pay is necessary to comply with the law by finding, eradicating, and explaining unjustified pay disparities, as well as to contribute to a better society where everyone has equal opportunity.
Due to an increase in cases of discriminatory salaries, the pay gap has become a topic of national concern. It is a notion in which a man and a woman who do the same job with the same number of obligations and duties receive equal pay and benefits. There are several elements that contribute to the formation of a gender gap in a community. Direct discrimination , cultural barriers, lack of education and training are some of the factors to name a few. Women’s full and equal involvement in the labour market is hampered by gender conventions. By promoting equality in the labour market, this strategy may help to break down barriers to female entrepreneurship, allowing women to grow their firms.
Article 39 of the constitution provides that the state shall direct its policy among other things towards securing that there is equal pay for equal work for both men and women.
According to census statistics from 2021, the literacy rate in Uttar Pradesh was 76.01 percent for females and 84.78 percent for males. Girl children are frequently kept out of school or forced to quit out early. Many women are not allowed to work by their families, even if they are educated. Educated women can contribute to the reduction of gender inequality, particularly in the workplace. The barriers that women face in terms of education and work prospects have a significant impact on the gender wage gap in a community.


While it is important for individuals to have a wide range of choices in the labor market, women usually have the potential for unrealized potential entrepreneurs. The goal is not to eradicate all the differences between entrepreneurs and female entrepreneurs, but to eliminate institutional impacts that affect motivation and intent and correct market failures that limit female entrepreneurship. is. Five ways that can help to address the gender gap in entrepreneurship.
Improvement of institutional conditions. Entrepreneurs are strongly influenced by role modelsand social contexts. Therefore, it is important to promote female entrepreneurs as a role model, ensure that the education system is gender-neutral and does not prevent women from entering the STEM field (i.e. science, technology, engineering, mathematics). Another aspect is family and tax policy, which should be aimed at increasing women’s participation in the labor market and women’s entrepreneurship.
Improve access to business skills programs. Traditional policies that supportentrepreneurship acquisition include entrepreneurship training, coaching and mentoring programs, and support for building entrepreneurship networks. Such programs are often tailored to the specific barriers women face and are intended only for women’s benefits groups.
Increased use of loan guarantees. Most government policies to improve access to funds forfemale entrepreneurs focus on interventions that provide grants, loans and microcredit. The growth trend is to improve access to bank finance through loan guarantees. Female-specific loan guarantee assessments in Canada suggest that they create more jobs than mainstream programs, but programs in European Union countries also tend to have a positive effect. 4. Help women realize their business growth potential. Entrepreneurship policies are increasingly focused on helping women acquire and develop the skills they need to successfully start and run businesses with high growth potential. .. One approach is to provide customized support through a female-only incubator and accelerator program. Such incubators typically provide incubators (facilities, networking opportunities, training, workshops, etc.) with the usual support, but tailor them to the needs of female entrepreneurs and facilitate support. From experience in the United States, dedicated incubators rely on male-centric networks, are unable to reach female networks, select entrepreneurs through a male-dominated selection panel, and offer gender-independent programs that are not female-friendly. Needs that may be more effective than an established incubator.
5. Improve access to venture capital for female entrepreneurs. Venture capital and angel investment markets are both male-dominated, and investments tend to be concentrated in male-dominated sectors such as the STEM sector. Experiments in the United States have shown that investors are 60% more likely to invest in male entrepreneurs, even if the investment pitch is the same. Gender rebalancing options include increasing the number of female investors and advisors participating in traditional venture capital and angel networks, and creating a female-owned venture capital fund specifically designed to invest in female-owned businesses. Includes doing. Support can be obtained from government measures to promote the formation of female-focused venture capital investments. For example, by providing matching funds to invest in female-led or female-led start-ups, early stage and expansion companies.


This research report looks at the trends in the gender pay gap over time . When we researched this topic then we found that this is such a very important point on which mostly people do not give their attention and our government also . When we take the average pay gap within occupation we see that this is too in favor of men . This means that women tend to receive less pay than men even working in the same occupation . This does not necessarily mean that pay discrimination is happening . It could , for example , be the result of women being in less senior positions .This pay gap is higher for older women . There are a few reasons for this . Firstly ,older women have a lower level of education on average than younger women . Secondly, the statistical analysis found that women’s shorter job tenure is key factor in lowering their pay, relative to men’s. Women’s career progression does not therefore normally match men’s and women are less likely to be promoted later in their careers. There is both good news and bad news with regard to gender pay differences. The bad news is that there remains a significant differential between women’s and men’s pay. Even after controlling for differences in skills and job characteristics , women still earn less than women . The good news is that these differences have decreased in recent decades. Because women are educating and aware about their rights
The gender pay gap is real -and hurts women across the board. Differences between women and men are themselves affected by gender bias . Serious attempts to understand the gender pay gap should not include shifting the blame to women for not earning more . Rather, these attempts should examine where our economy provides unequal opportunities for women at every point of their education, training, and career choice .
Article 15 of the Indian constitution 1950 , No one can be discriminated on the basis of caste , sex , religion, race and gender . So it is a violation of her rights to receive unequal payment in the job in which she applied equal skills and mind .
This discrimination is mostly seen in the private institutions in which the owner of that institutions taken dicisions. There is need the government must be attention on this topic. There must be a legislation/law for controlling and handle this type of situations in every sectors such as private or public public.In modern time every women’s are going forward and aware and know about their rights. But most of the women’s compelled to do work on less payment. There is a need government given attention that , it is the time for making a legislation on this issues and give equal pay rights to the women’s. If women get not their rights then our economy and society and country can not be developed. When women get equal pay rights then contribute confidentially and with happiness and this equality courage.


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