Violence against women during pandemic

Violence against women is highly prevalent . Intimate partner violence is the most common form of violence. Violence against women is most heinous act in the society . Violence means that torture , and it can be in physical form or mental form . If we look in the society then we can find out that a woman violence by ( beating , abusing, sexual harassment , emotional blackmail etc ) .

But during this corona pandemic violence on women increased , when govt. imposed lockdown and closed offices so due to that there are increased frustrations among the couples due to economic , financial , health and number of reasons . “Stay home, stay safe ” it was the famous slogan in lockdown but it was a time of enforced brutal confinement with their tormentors.
Under Reporting of the cases , The National Commission of women has recorded 291 complaint of domestic violence in March 2020 and is now receiving complaint via email.

During this pandemic most of the women suffers difficulty from the brutal violence . Because of in this pandemic sexual harrasment is increased and also increased family disputes . This family disputes arises from jobless , disbalance in financial condition . If we analyse in our nearby then we can easily find out that what are the conditions of women in pandemic .

The UN women report on violence against women during covid pandemic based on survey data from 13 countries , shows that almost 1 in 2 women reported that they or women they know experienced a form of violence since the covid 19 pandemic .

Women bear the brunt of increased care work during this pandemic. School closures further exacerbate this burden and place more stress on them .The distruption of livelihood and ability to earn a living including for women ( many of whom are informal wage workers ) will decrease access to basic needs and service , increasing stress on families with the potential to exacerbate conflicts and violence . Women were fighting a shadow pandemic inside their homes during the covid. Tamil Nadu police reported an increase in domestic violence complaint . They received 25 calls every day during the lockdown period . These data from different sources indicate that domestic violence incidents increased across the country during the lockdown .

National Commission of women reported 5297 domestic violence case in 2020 . from January 2021 to March 2021 there are reported 1463 complaint of domestic violence against the women .

Unplanned pregnancy was also stressful for the women . And most of the women forcefully married because of financial instability of their parents . So due to that violence in increases on the women .


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