Strengthening family bonds Vs. domestic conflict and violence


Covid- 19 Pandemic has resulted in over 4.3 million confirmed cases and over over 6,19,409 deaths globally. Because of Covid-19, there are various kind of bonds between the family to fight against this disease and various violence’s and conflicts among the nation. The main aim of this article is to discuss on points of Family Bonding like pay attention toward Children, give time to personal life, life style changes and many more. Article main aim is to strengthen the Family Bond and pay attention on Domestic Conflict and Violence.


Since December 2019, a viral pneumonia (Covid-19) from Wuhan, China has spread all over the world. It has brought many uncertainties and some changing life style. .
Covid-19 Leverage the time and innovation, technology, upliftment to strengthen the Family Bond. It helps to remember those aspects of life that remain unchanged like our promise to Family, Children, Old ages to give them value and time. There are various points on this discussion:-
1) It helps to create cornerstone statement toward Family :-

In the face of this pandemic disease, Family members can be comfortable to understand the timeless belief, collection and value. It is also a collection of values, vision, mission toward the family for the purpose of better health, wealth when you sit with family and discussing your family priorities that helps you to refocus on your family mission, objective and goal.
2) Share your experience of jobs, service with your Family members:-

For the old person who have lived through extreme market volatility. However for young generation, who have enjoyed high prestige job is discouraged by current economic environment have to share their experience with family members. Those who suffer from closing of Business, rescinding job offer must share your portfolio to meet your goal and this can offer a valuable lesson to young adult family member.
3) Help children to increase their skill: –

As we all know many school are closed. This is the time we can teach that is rarely taught in classroom like how to improve budgeting level of family, saving strategies, increase I.Q. Level and value of money
4) Helping the needy and poor people: –

At the time of crisis, Family develop a charitable giving, helping the needy and poor people. For those Family who are shelter less, Food less need help of food. Clothes and shelter. You might encourage them by providing solution or support them by providing donation or investment on them.
5) Family meeting routine: –

Family time routine also help to build a good image in Children mind by sending message that family is important and priority will be given to family only. There should be transparency in Family member.

Because of Covid-19 since December, there was announcement of nationwide lockdown on March 24th 2020, Government failed to design strategies which result in fallout in several areas. Such area was termed as domestic violence. In many countries the term is used for intimate partner but sometime it also used for child, women and family member. The rate of Child and Women violence is high. According to World Health Organisation, one in every three women in global experience the physical, mental and sexual violence in lifetime and 30% have experience this violence from their partner. According to Crime in India Report 2018, a crime in India is recorded against women in every 1.7 minutes. Domestic violence against women figure as the top category of violence against women in 2018. The crime rate per lakh women population is 58.8. The statistics don’t capture the date against violence. Why this violence occur? Because in today era also women feel unsafe. She is not motivated by other to raise their voice against it. She still feel unsafe to approach the police because she worry that if their partner get arrested, they may face worse abuse once they are released and might face harassment from their in-laws.
Across the world, Countries like China, United States, United Kingdom, France, Australia and many other face this problem. India is 4th rank among the world.
This Covid-19 lockdown in India, National Commission of Women noted a rise in number of domestic violence complaint through sms or e-mail. According to this assumption, the real figure of Domestic Violence will rise in future.
1) Steps to be taken by government to stop this Violence: –

When the government start putting action against Covid-19, priority should be given to Domestic Violence against women. In India government overlook the need to formally integrate domestic violence and mental health.
2) Steps to be taken by us to stop this Violence: –

We should go for aggressive nationwide campaign with aim to promote the awareness about domestic violence and highlights the various modes through which complaints can be filed. National news channel, Radio Channels and social media platform must be strategically used.
3) Voice of Women: –

Women should raise their voice against these violence. if she raise her voice, then Domestic violence even in lockdown period can be minimised.


In the first part of this Paper, I have demonstrated that due to Covid-19 Pandemic there is high rate of chance of family bonding. In today era, most people are working, not have time to spend with families. This Covid-19 make a close bonding with each other as they spend time with each other, pay attention toward children and old age people . On the other part of this paper my attention is toward great domestic violence in family. As government of India announced the lockdown period since 24th March 2020 which lead to high rate of domestic violence in India. Women getting torture by their partner. We have to take step to increase the Bonding with our families members and decrease harassment against Women.

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