We live in that society where issues related with various problem are common. Mental health issue is one of them. Most of the people in our society are suffering from mental illness but people generally avoid accepting the fact that they are having mental disorder. It is generally a sign of weakness in people, Not only lower strata but also well educated class people struggle to accept this fact. In our country like India, this is very serious and the mindset of the people needs to be changed. We have to accept or adopt this truth that mental illness is also important or mandatory like health illness. India Law also pay attention toward the treatment of people who are suffering from mental illness.


Burden of Mental Illness had risen over few decades. Mental health is a state of well being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can overcome with the normal stress of life, can work independently and productively and is able to make investment or contribution to his or her community. WHO estimated that over 450 million people suffer from mental illness. This is likely to increase 15% by 2020. A person can diagnosed with various kinds of mental health issue like Panic attack, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Drugs etc.
In our nation, the disclosure of psychological sickness is frequently trailed by refusal and wavering to look for help. In addition to the fact that we need to effectively cultivate mindfulness about psychological well-being, we additionally need to make mindfulness about the idipcy of the marks of disgrace appended to emotional wellness. Each division of our country needs psychological well-being strength preparing for individuals who are a piece of that industry to manage the negative impact of burnout just as harsh encounters to have on our emotional wellness. General emotional wellness strategy ought to be presented and legitimised which ensures that help is accessible to anybody and every individual who is connecting with others about close to home and expert issues that weigh intensely at the forefront of their thoughts and soul.
According to WHO Mental health could be a state of well being during which a person realises his or her own abilities, strength, weakness. He/She can address the conventional stresses of life. Most Strongly associated factor with mental disorder are Deprivation and Poverty, Lower level of education, Low Household income, Matrimonial Disputes, mental illness due to COVID-19, Mental illness myths, Mental Health of Juvenile and Prisoners, Mental Health Care Act 2017 and competition Level. These points are discussed as:-
1) Deprivation and Poverty :- Poverty & Poor Mental Health worldwide are inextricably linked. Over crowded houses are suffering from mental illness. People living in poverty lack financial resources to maintain basic living standard have fewer educational level which lead to employment opportunities are less means mental disorder.
2) Lower level of education :- Low education also lead toward mental illness. Today the era of competition in the market, People who havce more education give first preference lead to over thinking which means mental health illness.
3) Low Household Income : – Household income play a vital role in our life if there is low household income the people specially women take stress because she have the responsibility to manage the house in good and proper way lead to mental illness.
4) Matrimonial Disputes : – Marriage is one of most important social institution. In our society, most husband wife live with each other with daily basis argument which lead to divorce or separation between them. Divorce affect People mentally. Depression may also occurs if both are not discuss their marital issues with others.
5) COVID-19 : – COVID-19 is a Pandemic around the world where people are at home without work. This create over thinking of the people which convert to mental illness or depression. People have stress for their Business, Job, Financial crisis etc, they are not relax from mind which term to mental disorder.
6) Mental Health Myth : – There are some myth which is based on mental illness and which will clear the point of reader regarding increasing this illness around the country
Mental Illness are Rare.
If you try harder, you can make your symptoms go away.
Everyone who has a mental illness need medication to manage symptoms.
Keeping a job is too stressful for individual with mental illness.
6) Mental Health of Juvenile & Prisoners : – Prevalence rate of youth with mental illness within the juvenile justice system is found to be consistently higher than those within general population of adolescents. Approximately 75% of 2 million youth encountering the juvenile justice system to meet the criteria of mental health disorder.
7) Mental Health Care Act 2017 : – This Act main aim is to provide mental hjealth care services for the person with mental illness. It ensure that these people also have right to live life with dignity. Care should be provided in best way in order to reduce the mental illness from our nation. This Act 2017 was implemented with some copclusion that the mental disorders or illness will be reduced in coming years.


Mental illness/Disorders are seen to vary across time, within the same populations at the same time. This dynamic nature of the psychiatric illness impacts its planning, funding and healthcare delivery. Various studies had shown that the prevalence of mental disorders is high in female gender, child and adolescent population, students, elderly population, people suffering from chronic medical conditions, disabled population and industrial workers. Our country can fight mental health issues unanimously when the community is well versed with the problem. For example, government and private players need arrangement for emotional wellness disease as they assume a huge job in helping the general public to battle against it.

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