Challenges and Opportunities for a Law Graduate during the Pandemic


Covid- 19 Pandemic has resulted in over 4.3 million confirmed cases and over over 6,19,409 deaths globally. In the legal arena of our country, things are set to take a paradigm shift. The corporate players would prefer to avoid going into litigation at all courts, that does not mean that litigation would come to a grinding halt. .


The Crisis that the world in general and our country is facing due to rapid and seemingly uncontrollable spread of coronavirus is not only unprecedented in contemporary times but also extremely damaging on multiple fronts. There are some challenges and Remedies (opportunities) that is adopted in post covid-19. These are as follow :-
1) An Experiment in Approach to Law :- The Crona virus will turbo charge the legal industry’s transformation. It will propel law into the digital age and reshape its landscape.
2) Work from Home or remote working:- For law firms, working remotely has been shown to boost productivity, helped attract top talent and offered more options for clients to interact with them beyond the brick and mortar walls of their offices.
3) Use of Cloud based platform : – The use of cloud based platforms for the distribution of files and information underpins benefits to theses three stakeholders by allowing employees to work on matters from wherever they are based, at any time.
4) Alternative means and method of working : -The most important thing law is learning from this Covid-19 pandemic is the need to have alternative means and method of doing job.
5) Adoption of New Technology : -The legal sector has generally very slow in adopting new technology that can save time and money and has tenaciously clung to traditional ways of doing things.
6)Video Communication: -Video communication is the best method used by lawyers in order to know how to securely access documents and enable quick, efficient communication with staff and clients.
7) Big Law Firms : -At a wider level, there is a recognition that businesses don’t need an office full of people or to be in posh locality.
8) Court will go digital : -The justice system is at a virtual standstill at a time when it is most needed.
9) Supreme court approach : -The Covid-19 crisis has pushed the supreme court to fast track administrative reforms, a move that could speed up disposal of cases, digitisation of records and switching to paperless courts.
10) Video Conference Hearings : -The supreme court adopted a new technology and opened itself to public scrutiny with video conference hearings.


As we all know Covid-19 Pandemic worsening day by day, this make people go digitally without face to face meeting. As we all know professional work never stop. They go on without any stoppage.

Aishwarya Says:

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