The runway for new lawyer success is shorter than ever. All the Lawyers face challenges making the transition from law school to practice stage. The first generation Lawyers have to work hard more and gradually get success. At initial stage new generation lawyer have to work under Senior Advocate in order to learn more techniques. There is huge knowledge, generation and resources gap especially when it comes to market. In this Article, I put more efforts toward Problems are being faced by first generation Lawyers and how to overcome from it. Every profession need parental support to get more success.


First Generation Lawyer are law students who have no Law background in family. First Generation law students may be less wealthy than their peers whose parents are professionals. New generation Lawyer is treated just like as a body without backbone. Backbone play a vital role in everybody life in the same way parental support also play a vital role in every lawyer life. Because lack of their support may create problems or obstacles in lawyer life. Some parents are broad minded, some are narrow minded which lead to create obstacles in the path of lawyers toward success. First generation lawyer need special attentions from family, great support from family which lead them toward success. There are various challenges faced by First Generation Lawyers which are as follow:-
1) A Lack of Acculturation to expectations in a Professional setting :-

A Lack of acculturation which means lack of work experience from home is main problem faced by First Generation Lawyers. Lawyers with no Law background face this problem because they are not able to grab the knowledgeable things from home.
2) Economic disparities and differing educational, social or cultural backgrounds:-

First Generation Lawyers feel isolated or different who have backgrounds with economic disparities, different educational, social or cultural background, which may undermines their confidence.
3) Lack of Knowledge of Resources : –

Knowledge of Resources play a very vital role in New Generation Lawyers because in order to reach their goal, every Lawyer must have knowledge. Lack of Knowledge creates many obstacles toward the success of Lawyer. Every first generation Lawyer must aware of current awareness what is going on around the world not in term of law but also economic, social and many more. A good Lawyer is one who has habit to read newspaper on daily basis just to increase their knowledge.
4) Inside and Outside the firm :

First Generation Lawyer face challenges inside and outside the firm. Like they have no knowledge or Experience to work inside the firm. Experience count in term of confidence, nature, patience level, way to behaviour toward senior etc so he may face this kind of problem in his/her routine life.
5) Lack of Confidence :

Confidence level which is from parental boost the Lawyer to reach their goal. But Lack of this confidence may make Lawyer to come forward in market. Because their confidence is zero. This is also a major problem of New Generation Lawyer
6) Financial burdens that constrain first generation lawyer’s career choices:

Those people who are financially strong can reach their goal by selecting passion able profession. Some cases are like they are financially strong but in case Lawyer profession is not their passion but some cases are like they are financially weak but Lawyer profession is their passion. Due to lack of finance or money, they are not able to select their path which leads them to away from success.
7) No support from Family :

This is the main problem faced by new generation lawyer as they feel isolated at work due no support from family member in their profession.
8) Sense of insecurity :

First Generation Lawyer have an amazing skill to become Lawyer. They are goal oriented but they belong to very poor family or they are from poor background where narrow minded people are living. In this case also there is sense of insecurity arise in first generation lawyer. They are not able to meet their expenses which are for education, after degree expenses incurred on application for licence, after licence, expenses incurred for set up of office in market. So there is some insecurity which a new generation lawyer may face in his career.
9) Family mentality :

First Generation Lawyer have to face this problem, as today is advance world. New technology adobted in every field. Which may lead toward mental mind of the people. If family mentality is not support new generation lawyer then this also lead to obstacles in life of mew generation lawyer. As we know, in today area, every person face family mentality problem as family thinking toward profession can never be changed which create problem in new generation lawyer.
10) Family help in litigation or profession : –

Family help also pay more reliable for lawyer to reach at success. As we know lawyer have to work for late night so if there is help from family then new generation lawyer may feel relax from their issues. Family help in work or other make relaxation to new generation lawyer. This also an obstacles toward their path to reach at success.
These are the problems which are being faced by New Generation Lawyer. Now how to overcome from it, what is the measures should be taken to overcome from these problem. These are as given as under:-
1) Start from Scratch :

New generation lawyer start their career from scratch as they have no office, no money and no credibility in the courtroom. New generation lawyer have to start from very initial stage.
2) Start career with patience :

New generation lawyer must have patience to start their career. Because it takes time to reach goal. Being a first generation Lawyer, he/she must understand the basic steps of work, must struggle in their life to reach their goal. First generation lawyer are intelligent, hard working, they have to be in patience. Like they have to start their career from trial court to reach at Supreme Court. They have to practice at least for 5-7 years in trial court.
3) Start career from trial court :

New Generation Lawyer feel shy to join trial court. Here question is which court is more important to start career. Bhishma Pitamah of Constitution wording was like before crossing the gate or threshold of Supreme Court, give at least 3-4 years to trial court in order to learn fundamental of trial, basics of litigation in order to make root strong.
4) Decision for career :

New Generation Lawyer are new in market even new from family background. They have no associates in market, no person who guide them. What they do, they don’t waste time, and they have to start observing in court proceedings. They must learn the decorum of court proceedings. They have to go for research. So this is the main element which first generation lawyer can do after decision of career.
5) Self Confidence and Humanity :

Self confidence and humanity is main element for new generation lawyer. Yes I can do is self confidence and yes to always learn is humanity. This two play a vital role in New generation Lawyer to reach their goal.
6) No Shame of asking questions from senior :

To be rich in the profession of Law, the new Generation is to be a good asker. In case of facing any difficulty in preparing the petition/reply of case, the new generation lawyer in working under any Sr. Lawyer must have the confidence to ask question from senior while contesting the case.
7) They just believe in practical, not in theoretical notion :

In case New generation lawyer have no family support, in that case they can reach at their goal. They must be practical not theoretical based. As every new generation lawyers are hard working so they must rely on practical based not theoretical.
8) Duty of New generation lawyer to take help from Senior :

It is the duty of the new generation lawyer to take help or support from Senior who have more experience in their field. If they are not getting proper attention at home or proper support from family then it is the duty of first generation lawyer to take help from senior. Senior will provide knowledge, work, practical case to new generation lawyers which lead them or support them to reach at their goal even if there parental support is not with them.
9) Must start their career from lower court i.e. from district court :

Every new generation lawyer must start their career from lower court or trial court. Because in order to reach at highest stairs of success, they must have to start their career or work at initial stair or first stair. First generation lawyer have no experience, their root is not strong. In order to make their root strong they have to start from district court
10) Must obey the Senior, away from aggressive nature :

This is also a point where new generation lawyer can grow in market. If his/her nature is aggressive or not polite for senior then he/she is not able to learn. Which may effect their career in market. Politeness is must for every new generation lawyer. Aggressive nature may create first generation lawyer to feel alone at their work, without support. And in this profession every profession need guidance, support, knowledge, information, general awareness from their senior not because they are senior but because they have more experience in this field. A successful lawyer can tell how he/she reach at success point with great struggle, hard working and more important thing knowledge in this field.
11) Must be research oriented :

New generation lawyer must be research oriented very from beginning. They have to research in his field to get innovative ideas or technique which he/she will use in his/her field. To grab the things or to become more expertise, new generation lawyer must research on his/her field.
12) Take advantage of career resources :

New generation lawyer must take advantage from career resources. There are various career resources and program held in our country. It is the duty of new generation lawyer to take full advantage of these resources and program which are for the benefit of them in future.
13) Shadow other lawyers :

New generation lawyer have zero experience in practice, litigation. Shadowing other lawyer is best method to learn new innovation, research and technique in the field of law. It is the best way to teach or get knowledge about how a lawyer can manage their litigation, practices, coordination with other clients, resolve challenges. This is the best way to get in touch with market or to get in touch with new techniques adopted by the lawyer in market.
14) Boost up internal network at early :

New generation lawyer need to schedule their time to seek advice from the lawyers who are a few years ahead of you. They can give advice on career building, can give guidance on advancing your career. You also should work to build relationships with senior lawyers who show interest in helping you advance your career.
15) Stay positive :

Remember that law is a challenging profession and just by becoming a good lawyer or making it into law school, you have to accomplished something significant. Learn everything which you can do in life. Believe in yourself and whenever you need help, ask for it. Try to stay relax and positive.


New Lawyer Generation is just like a body without backbone. As we all know there is a lot of struggle incurred to get a success for every professional. Like body without backbone cannot do anything in the same way without a strong backbone, without a strong support, no lawyer can built his career. In this Article I demonstrate my idea or view toward the problems faced by First Generation Lawyer, how first generation lawyer face obstacles in his/her field or path toward success. Instead of these problems or obstacles, new generation lawyer have capability or confidence to beat this problems in order to reach at their goal. They must be practical not theoretical based.

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