The economic policy is bothered with the raising of government revenue and incurring of government expenditure. To generate revenue and to incur expenditure, the government frames a policy known as budgetary policy or fiscal policy. So, the fiscal policy is concerned with government expenditure and government income. the level and composition of taxation and government disbursement will have an effect on the following economic science variables, amongst others, in an economy:

  1. aggregate demand and also the level of economic activity.
  2. Savings and investment within the economy.
  3. income distribution.
    Fiscal policy are often distinguished from monetary policy, in this fiscal policy deals with taxation and government disbursement and is commonly administered by an government under laws of a legislature, whereas monetary policy deals with the money supply.
  4. Development by effective Mobilization of Resources.
  5. 2. Efficient allocation of Financial Resources.
  6. 3. Reduction in inequalities of Income and Wealth.
  7. 4. Price Stability and Control of Inflation.
  8. 5. Employment Generation.
  9. 6. Balanced Regional Development.
  10. 7. Reducing the Deficit in the Balance of Payment.
  11. 8. Capital Formation.
  12. 9. Increasing National Income.
    1. Development of Infrastructure.
    1. Foreign Exchange Earnings.

Role On Development In Country
The various tools of economic policy like budget, taxation, public expenditure, structure and debt can go an extended means for maintaining full employment while not inflationary and deflationary forces in underdeveloped economies. Obviously, taxation and public expenditure may be a powerful instrument within the hands of public authority that greatly have an effect on the changes in disposal financial gain, consumption and investment.
A tax program will increase income of the individual, promotes consumption and investment.
In economics, fiscal policy is the use of the government. revenue and expenditure collection to influence the economic. fiscal policy will be contact with other main kind of small policy monetary policy.
❖ The main impact of fiscal policy or govt. expenditure and taxation changes in a level and consumption of taxation and govt. expenditure variable in the economy.
❖ The main impact of Aggregate demand and level of activity.
❖ The pattern of resource allocation
❖ The distribution of income.

Mobilize Resources:
The foremost aim of economic policy in underdeveloped countries is to mobilize resources within the non-public and public sectors. Generally, the {national financial gain|value} and per capita income is extremely low because of low rate of savings. Therefore, the governments of such countries through compulsory investments push the bar of investment and capital formation that increases the speed of economic growth.
Provide more Employment Opportunities:
Since in less developed countries, population grows at a really quick rate, the aim of economic policy in such countries is to form high doses of expenditures that are useful to lift employment opportunities. typically below developed economies suffer from state. The unemployment is of 2 types:
(I) Cyclical unemployment.
(II) Disguised unemployment.

Promotion of Economic Stability
Developing country is vulnerable to the efforts of international cyclic fluctuations. Such countries primarily export primary merchandise and import manufactured and capital goods. However, so as to reduce the results of international cyclic fluctuations, economic policy ought to be viewed from a extended perspective. It should aim at the diversification of all sectors of the economy.
Subsidies in Consumption and Production
Fiscal instruments also are employed in below developed economies to supply subsidized food and production inputs to the poor individuals. Government programmes like public distribution system, subsidy policy, procurance of food grains, promoting facilities to the producers, input offer schemes, etc.
To Encourage Socially Optimal Investment
In underdeveloped countries, economic policy encourages the investment into those productive channels that are thought of socially and economically desirable. this suggests optimum inv estment that promotes economic development and avoids wasteful and unproductive investment. In short, aim of the fiscal policy ought to be to form investment on social and economic overheads resembling transportation, communication, technical coaching, education, health and conservation.

Inducement to Investment and Capital Formation
Fiscal policy plays fundamental role in underdeveloped countries by generating investment in planned industries and services of service on one aspect and persuades investment in private sector by providing help to innovative industries and presents modern techniques of production. Thus,investment in the social and economic expenses are beneficial in growing the social marginal efficiency and so raising the marginal productivity of personal investment and capital development.

Based on this paper fiscal policy corresponding to economic development, worth implementation social justice, etc. is achieved given that the tools of policy like Public Expenditure, Taxation, Borrowing and deficit financing are effectively used. Although there are gaps in India’s economic policy, there’s additionally an urgent would like for creating India’s economic policy a rationalized and growth oriented one. The success of economic policy depends upon taking timely measures and their effective administration throughout implementation.

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