Difference between Emotion Recognition in AI and Humans

Emotions play a significant role in our existence, and it defines humans as to who we are, and they shape our lives in a way that help us in determining what is worthy of our attention. They play a crucial part in perceiving, thinking, seeing, and reasoning about people and things around us. All this means that without emotions, human existence is incomplete. But what happens when AI starts to interpret emotions, feelings, moods, and attention just the way we humans do. This is made possible by a new branch of AI called “Emotional Artificial Intelligence” or “Emotion AI,” which intends to replicate human emotions in order to make them simulate, understand, and react to human emotions. However, while doing so, there might be higher chances that it can give incorrect results because they lack the ability to understand emotions in an absolute sense

Emotion understanding in humans is a natural phenomenon wherein they use multiple non-verbal cues, like body language, voice tone, facial expressions, gestures, to express their emotions. However, sometimes humans do not understand their own emotions then; how can we expect AI to understand us? As a human, we make mistakes in anger, love, tension, etc. If AI also has these things, the problem can create like anger on users, which may be dangerous. Furthermore, risk will be involved if we give such powers to AI, and to understand the complicated nature of the algorithm, we need to consider the accountability and ethics during design and application and always keep a human as the final decision-maker.

As humans, we base our thinking on past experiences and feelings; culture also molds our thinking, but AI does not have these experiences, and they certainly do not have feelings. Missing these components, how can a machine think like us? It is essential to understand that AI should not teach machines to think like humans but to teach machines to think like machines. Therefore, if we still compare AI with humans and continue pursuing artificial intelligence with an intent to mimic human thinking, we stand to fail because humans are different from artificial machines. They think and behave in a very different ways to achieve certain goals or solve any specific problem.

 Mechanism of Interpretation of Human Emotions

The most common methods used by researchers to determine human emotions by Emotional Artificial Intelligence are facial expressions, body language, dialogue, and physiology of a human. Some special kinds of sensors are fitted along with the required programming inside the Artificially Intelligent devices to perceive signals regarding the above-stated methods as an input.

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