From the start of new millennium, social networking sites Have become very popular. These sites have Provided a space for many to vent their feelings, get new and connect with old friends. But these sites have been misused by cyber criminal groups unfortunately for fulfilling their illegal purposed. Side by side the people have started to spend more and more time on such networks over the last few years because the people increasingly reply on them. In the modern time period the development of information technology effects the life of the people’s all around the world. New invensions and discoveries day by day has widen the scientific scope as well as brought the new challenge for legal world. With the widespread growth of these technology leads to commission of new types of cyber crimes today on the cyber space and also has become matter of global concern in future.

Definition of Cyber crimes
The term cyber crime is a misnomer. It is used as a generic term which refers to all criminal activities done by using the computers, the internet on cyber space and the worldwide web in india, any definition to the term ‘cyber crime’ has not given yet in any law. In fact, the Indian Penal Code,1860 doesn’t use the term ‘cyber crime’ at any point even after its amendment by the information technology(amendment act) 2008.

The term ‘cyber’ use of which become universal by 1980s finds its origin several decades earlier when Nobert Wiener coined the term ‘cybernetic’ in 1948 and described the same as ‘The study of message as a meaning of controlling machinery and society’ 69 In fact the term ‘Cyber crime’ is frequently used in 21st century knowledge society and is created by combination of two words Cyber and Crime. The term cyber denotes the cyber space I.e., virtual space and its mean the informational space modelled through computers, in which various objects or symbol image of information exist. Therefore, it is the place where the computer programs work hand data word is processed Cyber Crime are nothing but crimes Of the real world perpetuated in the medium of computer and hence there is no difference in defining a crime in Cyber World and real World. Only the Medium of crime is different. Cyber crime is “international” or “transnational“- there are no ‘Cyber- borders between countries’. Computer crime, Cyber crime, e-crime, high tech crime or electronic crime generally refers to Criminal activity where a computer or Network is source.

a) DDos Attack
These are used to make an online service unavailable and take the network down by overwhelmingly the site with traffic from a variety of sources. Large network of infected devices known as Botnets are created by Deposting malware on users computers. The hackers then hack into the system once the Network.
b) Botnets
Botnet are Network from comprised computers, that are controlled externally by remote hackers. The remote hackers then send spam or attack other computers through botnets.Botnet can also be used to act as malware and perform malicious tasks.
c) Identity Theft
This cybercrimes occurs when a criminal gain access to a user’s personal users information to steal funds, access Confidential information, or participation in tax or health insurance fraud. The can also open a phone/internet account in your name to plan a criminal activity and claim government benefits in your name.Then may do this By finding out users password through hacking, retrieving personal information from social media or sending phishing mails.
d) Cyberstalking
This Kind of cybercrime involve online harrassment where the users is subjected to a plethora of online messages and emails. Typically Cyberstalker use social media, websites and search engines to intimate a users and instill fear. Usually, the Cyberstalking knows their victim and make the person feeling afraid or concerned for their safety.
e) Social Engineering
Social Engineering involves criminal making direct contact with you usually by phone or email. They want to gain your confidence and usually pose a customer service agent so you’ll give the necessary information needed. This is typically a password, the company you work for, or bank information. Cybercriminals will find out what they gain access to an account.
f) Phishing
This type of attack involves hackers sending malicious email attachments or Urls to users to gain access to their account or computer. Cybercriminals are becoming more established and many of these emails are not flagged as spam. Users are tricked into email claiming they need to change their password.
g)Prohibited/illegal Content
This cybercrimes involves criminals sharing and distributing inappropriate content that can be considered highly distressing and offensive. Offensive content that can be considered highly distressing and offensive. Offensive content can include, but it not limited to, sexual activity between adults, videos with intence violent of videos of criminal activity. Illegal content includes material advocating.

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