Economic development can be defined as efforts that seek to improve the economic will being and quality of life for a community.

  1. HISTORICAL FACTOR- *The British government and industrialists developed only those regions of the country which possessed rich potential for prosperous manufacturing and trading activities. Thus port cities like Bombay, and strategically important areas like Calcutta and Madras received initial development.
  2. GEOGRAPHICAL FACTOR- *The difficult terrain surrounded by flood prone areas, hilly terrain, rivers and dense forests leave to increase in the cost of administration, cost development projects, besides making mobilization of resources particularly difficult. Himalayan states like Himachal Pradesh, Northern Kashmir, Uttarakhand, North-Eastern states remained mostly backward due to its inaccessibility and other inherent difficulties.
  3. Poor Infrastructure: Some states lack in terms of Infrastructure. Infrastructure includes roads, railways, power-generation, dams, irrigation facilities, public health etc. Poor Infrastructure creates hindrance in the path of economic development of these states. The states having good infrastructure attract entrepreneurs to set up industrial units here.
  4. Wrong Allocation of Resources: A few states like Bihar, Odisha, UP, Rajasthan etc., have received lesser per capita allocation in five year plans. On the other hand, developed state have received more per capita allocation of financial resources in five year plans.
  5. Defective Green Revolution Policy: In green revolution no attend was paid to dry farming. The new technology in agriculture in the name of green revolution favored only heavily irrigated states like Punjab, Haryana etc. On the other hand, dry-land farmers of states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh etc. Have not gained much from green revolution. So, the policy of green revolution further increased regional imbalances.
  6. Lack of Basic Facilities: Backward areas continue to lack in even basic facilities such as education, health, housing, roads, drinking water, electricity etc. Because of lack of basic facilities people cannot develop their skills. It reduces their income earning capacity.
  7. Poor Growth of Ancillary Units in Backward States: For promoting backward states government set up big industrial units in these regions. Government hoped that ancillary units will develop at their own in such areas. But growth of ancillary units was very poor in such areas. Hence, these regions remained backward, despite government setting up big industrial units here.
  8. Less Initiative on the Part of Some State Government: Certain state government like of Bihar, Odisha have not devoted much attention to economic growth of their regions. These state governments have not created quality-infrastructure, have not attracted foreign investment to set up industries in their states, have failed to maintain law and order in their states, have failed to frame long-term plans for the development of their states etc. On the other hand, state governments of Maharashtra. Gujarat, Punjab, Karnataka, Haryana etc. have devoted much attention to the development of states.
  9. Defective Lending Policy of Financial Institutions: Our financial institutions finance mainly those states which are already very developed like Delhi, Maharashtra, and Haryana etc. On the other hand, a few states have got very less lending from these financial institutions e.g., Assam, Bihar, Odisha, Rajasthan. It has promoted regional disparities.
  10. Disparities in Literacy Rate: The states where literacy rate is high are more developed in comparison to states where literacy rate is low, e.g., literacy rate is high in Kerala, Goa, Delhi etc., and these state are developed. While literacy rate is very low in Bihar, Jharkhand, UP, Rajasthan etc. and these states are less developed.
  11. Political Instability: Political instability in some states has hampered the development of some states. In the lack of political stability long-term plans cannot be framed.
  12. Communal Riots: In some states law and other order is very poor. There are frequent communal riots in some parts of the country. Industrialists hesitate to set up their industrial units in such parts of the country. So such regions remain backward.

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