Why Sensitization is more important than implementation of law ?

We have a few hundred thousand laws in our Country, implemented by the Parliament. These laws are made for the smooth functioning of the State and mainly for the benefit of its Citizens. Unfortunately, not many people are aware about these laws and most of the people are taken for ride, by those who know the law. We have law against Crime, we have Banking law, we have laws for protecting the interest of Women, Children and Senior Citizens and yet crime rates against these sections are increasing day by day. Though it is also a possibility that due to awareness, the reporting of the cases are increasing.

Despite having some of the best laws, the common man is unable to get the benefit of the same. Our Law School teaches law students, that you need to fight for Justice, well a lot of law students also become lawyers because they want to help others and also earn money at the same time. When the Officers of the Court, including the Judges, Lawyers and Police Officials in some cases, handle a trivial matter, it is important that they do it in a very sensitive matter.

During the earlier days i.e. around early 2000’s, when cyber laws and cyber crimes, were new in our Country, it was a huge challenge to file a Cyber Complaint. In most of the cases, the Police Officials would not entertain the Complainant and often victim shame the Complainant. Infact, it also happened recently with a friend, when her money was stolen online during an online purchase. When she went to report it to the nearest Police Station, they blamed her saying why did she order Cake Online and not go to the store nearby to purchase the same.

Even today, when we hear about a Rape Case, more than 50 % of the people will blame the women saying that they are inviting the Rapist by wearing short clothes and by walking around late night. These are the same people who will blame the poor and illiterate person for signing a document without reading, but will not take an initiative against the person who cheated them.

One of the reasons why crime rate is increasing in our society is because there is huge loophole in implementation of the present laws and that is mainly because the people who are supposed to implement the same are unaware about the seriousness of the same. The other reason for major failure in implementation of law is lack of awareness amongst the general public. There is a sheer misunderstanding amongst the Common Man that the law is complicated and will not help the Common Man. A lot of times, when something goes wrong with the common man, they shy away from approaching the Authorities, the reason being simple that Bollywood and News Channels taught them that Courts only give Dates and do not deliver Justice.

If only simple awareness and responsibility increases amongst Common Man, almost 50 % of our Cases would reduce. For example, if people just start reading the Insurance Documents before blindly signing them on behest of the Insurance Agent, a lot of people would have recovered their medical expenses. If people would have just read the Sale Agreement before signing the Agreement with the Builders, a lot of people would have not lost their money. IF people had just patiently read that loan Agreement, a lot of people would not have been victims of Bad Debt. A simple process of reading and questioning can help us correct a lot of wrongs in our society.

Since childhood, we are taught not to question anyone, because only rude children question. I think it is high time that we pass on the same teaching to our children. We need to sensitize our Citizens as well as the Officers of the Court with respect to the present scenarios and encourage them to talk about the injustice done to them. Only if they speak, we will be in a capacity to punish the wrong doer. If we need a better society to live in, we need a more safer place to live in then we need to implement the existing laws properly before the crime rate in our society increases.

Aishwarya Says:

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